Love? or Money?

Mary and her boyfriend, Dave, decided to visit the Hollywood on quarter break. They had same age and entered same university even major. When they met in class first, they were fall in love. They made a plan to celebrate their 100th meeting and found adapt date during quarter break time. When they are arrived the LA airport, they went to the Hollywood first. Actually, they both love to watch movies and talk about the movie actors. Dave said “Did you watch that movie recently released in theater? That’s very nice!” Mary said “Of course, there is a new actor, Tommy, who handsome and charming. Also acting ability is good.” He said “I have seen the article that his new movie is making in Hollywood. How about visit that place?” when they arrived that place, they could find the new guy easily. As same they heard, he is not only handsome but also has nice body. As Mary and that new actor contact each eyes, Dave could feel something. Suddenly, the actor step back and ran away. Moreover, Mary chased him quickly. Dave was so embarrassed that he couldn’t notice what happened to him for a while.

After few seconds, he thank about the method to find her. Fortunately, he could find the man who is the actor’s photographer in movie place and then Dave asked him to chase the actor. He announced about Tommy’s favorite pub. When Dave entered the pub, he found Tommy and Mary in middle of the bar.  As Dave charged in upper to them, someone grabbed his arms. “Oh? Jenny! What are you doing here?” She is Mary’s best friend in university. She said “Dave, don’t do that.” “What?” “Just give me a break to explain this situation.” “I can’t understand what you are talking about.” “Um… it’s a little bit complicated, I'll give you a brief outline of story. Tommy is, um, he is a… moneylender. He borrowed two hundred dollars from Mary and disappeared. After then, when before the quarter break, I found him on newspaper and I told to Mary. So that’s why Mary and you came in the LA.” 

The End

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