i love you

you know truths

in ways no one else can

i need some

just you - only you

stir up me

if only i could do the same for you

in mind

-i never think as i could -

with you i think

in spirit

with you so much faith

my love - a gift - to me

- so i can give it to you - with many prayers

- knowing

- you will do with it - what is best for you

- in faith hope and love

- i learn and fall everyday

-further to becoming better - there is no one

else able to see me well enough

- to teach this

in body

- i only want what is natural and good

and you

- not like any other man

only hold me

- and be held

-help me talk to you also

- i love you

- i want

- to be love for you


The End

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