love of pretty things

this poem was inspired by a dream that i had a few months ago. it's about beautiful nature and jewels.

red roses with clusters of rubies inside,

glowing pink-scarlet with the wonder they hide,

these beauties grow at the edge of the lake,

blooming for centuries or as long as they take,

the lake is sapphire, pearl, crystal, diamond and still,

staying like glass with its power and will,

the leafy willow at its edge,

is no common bush or hedge,

it conceals emeralds in its leaves,

though it's silent it crys as it grieves,

my fantasy world is lost through a mist,

a cloud curtain, death it has kissed,

now, though it's close, i can't quite get in,

it lies behind its mist, free of sin,

just the willow, the roses and the lake,

bit by bit, away it will flake,

my world is lost,

my mistakes have cost.

The End

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