Chapter 2

When the bell rang for lunchtime, I ran to the school car park, and saw Mr Jones standing waiting by his car, I walked towards him.

"Thank you lee for coming."He placed a few boxes packed with all sort of different stuff on top of his car. He then emptied the back of his car boot, he drops his wallet.

"You dropped your wallet sir," I mentioned giving the wallet back to him.

"Oh thank you.”

He moved closer to me and unzipped his wallet.

He showed me the pictures in his wallet; one was a picture of his son, and a pretty lady.

“This is my son Jordan he is 6.”

He then zipped his wallet, and didn’t explain who the lady was. I guess it could be anyone; his mother, his sister or his girlfriend.

Note to self: Mr Jones has a son called Jordan He is six.

There is a woman in his life (Unidentified)

"Your son is so cute.” I said.

He looked at me."Yeah you should come to see him one day; he would love a friend closer to his age."

A friend Closer to his age? That comment made me feel like a young kid,"yeah" I replied. Anything to get closer to him...


It was the end of the school day, and instead of taking the bus home with Violet, I decided to walk. It was a long walk home but I didn’t care, could do with losing a bit of weight.

 I wonder if Mr Jones could ever be attracted to me-if I and he would ever happen. I can imagine his soft lips touching mine, him telling me how beautiful I look, his hands wrapping round my waist tightly and never letting go...


When I got home I dumped my bag almost anywhere and went straight to sit and watch TV. Mum came down the stairs.

"Hey sweet, your English teacher called to say how well you have been doing in English, He said you write imaginatively, and you are very mature about what you write. I am very proud keep it up."

"Cool..."I replied.

She left me alone after she saw how uninterested I was- but really I was overjoyed. So Mr Jones thinks I’m mature and a good writer wow!

I heard the phone ring; I rushed to it in case it was him. I picked it up, “Hello?"

"Err...Hello lee “I recognized his sweet soft voice, it was him.

"Wow how did you know it was me?"I asked

"Oh come on, I must Know your voice by now, you talk a lot in my English class"

"What? I never talk in your lesson I’m the best behaved girl there and you know it." I don’t talk- what’s he on about I just stare at him...

He laughed; oh he has the cutest laugh ever.

"Erm  ...My mothers’ upstairs if you want to talk to her,"

"Lee it’s not her I want to talk to its you,"

"Oh okay,"

“I have been marking your English book, and I have read some great stories that kept me wanting more. I even showed some to my girlfriend and she thought they were amazing too. So I would like you to write me a story, poem, letter whatever.

“About what sir?” I asked

“That’s totally up to you Lee; use your imagination you got up there. If I’m not in tomorrow in English deliver it to my home and you can read it to me in person...”

He told me where he lived and we said our goodbye, and he hung up.

Why does he want something from me? Is it an excuse to come over to his house or something?

I began to work on my story-I decided to make it short, I named it Lee and the ferocious beasts. He probably won’t expect it to be good since he only gave it me to do 1 day.


The next day, sir wasn’t in. like he said if he isn’t in I just deliver it to his home....22 avenue .... After school I decided to go alone to his house. I knew exactly where it was.

  I had reached the front door, it was painted red with the number 22 on it .The names Liam and Lisa were written under the number 22.That was probably his name. His house was covered with ivy around it and looked very posh;his windows beautifully polished;I could smell the divine scent of his rose garden from where i was standing.Two grand cars were parked horizontally in his  front porch .  I hesitated to knock. I knew someone must of  seen me anyway through the window, and then I knocked. Someone opened the door -it was him...

He looked very handsome in his nice designer jeans and his navy blue top, it matched his eyes. He looked at me gave me a smile...he winked again, and invited me in.

"Welcome Lee.” He offered me a seat on his leather sofa.

"Thank you sir.” I said politely sitting down.

"You don’t have to call me sir, call me Liam if you want to when we are not in school” he said.

"Okay Liam."Ianswered

"So what piece of writing did you do for me?"

"Here I’ll get it for you” I searched for it through my bag and found a piece of paper with my writing on it, I didn’t even look at it I just gave it to him. Assuming that was the story I wrote.

 “May I use your rest room please?"I asked him.

"Yes you may, it’s up those stairs and first left.”

“Thank you” I left him reading my story.

As I came back I saw the piece of paper I gave to him flat on his coffee table. It looked pretty familiar and it was definitely not the work I had written yesterday,

"I’m Very flattered,” a voice spoke from behind me; I turned to look at him leaning against the wall with his arms crossed staring at me.

"You like the way I smile huh? And I’m definitely not perfect,” He went on “I might where designer clothes but I am not perfect. I mean how can a 14 year old write like this?"

Oh no! I must of given him the wrong story!

I had given him the Love Note...

The End

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