Love Note

There I was, sitting at my front desk, gazing over at Mr Jones as he taught English class. I completely ignored the people surrounding me, the irritating whispers - the scrunched up papers flying around and just focused all my attention on him. He noticed I was staring at him and glanced back at me, “Err...are you okay there, Lee?"He said with his soft voice.

"I’m fine sir" I replied. He gave me a wink and got back to writing the lesson objective on the white board.


As soon as the bell rang, everybody rushed out of class, and as usual, I'll be the last to leave-I always do this on purpose, so I can just have another look at Mr Jones before break time- I can’t stand being away from him.

Mr Jones had disconnected his laptop and placed it carefully into his leather bag. I watched him slowly push back his dark brown hair into place, looking through his little pocket mirror .Everything about him was so perfect, his striking celebrity smile, his beautiful blue eyes, his scent-everything.

I quickly packed all my work and books into my school bag including the love notes I had written ages ago about Mr Jones, I dream to read it to him one day-If it was to ever happen. I didn't put everything neatly into my bag; I just scrunched it up like ordinary rubbish.

"Lee, would you mind doing me a favour?"He asked putting his laptop bag down.

"Erm...okay. Sure."I replied shyly.

"Right, at lunch I’m going to need you, your going to help me carry a few things from my girlfriends  car, for my history class this afternoon...I promised her that okay?..I mean you don’t have to if -”

"No that’s fine!"I interrupted," I am glad to help"

Girlfriend’s car? Note to self: Mr Jones has a girlfriend.

"Thank you Lee, I would be passing this onto your teacher plus the great work you have done in English. See you at lunch."He gave me another wink, while he put on his leather jacket.

"Bye sir"

I walked out, carrying my bag, closing the door behind me.


Standing outside the door was my friend violet," It’s about time!"She complained pointing to her watch.

"Sorry, got given a job by Mr Jones this lunch time."I said.

We walked through the corridor until we reached the door leading outside. I searched through my scrunched up notes in my bag -just to check if my Love note was still there. It was still there, placed at the bottom of my bag. It was the only thing not scrunched up-it was the only thing I ever respected.

"Have you still got that love note that we wrote, when I went to sleepover at your house? Violet asked.

"You didn’t write it I did."I snapped.

"Yeah whatever, who was it addressed to anyway?"

"No one, it was just for fun, remember?"I said.

Even though Violet was my friend, I couldn’t tell her that I liked a teacher-an older man, she will think I'm weird. Knowing her, she will probably tell him.

"Oh right, cool, in a bit. I don’t want to be late for lesson.” she said walking away.

"In a bit..."

The End

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