Return of the NaziMature


Vatias circled New York, his huge wings beating the clouds away. The wind rippled his fur as he lifted his nose to the sky.


Deep within, Adelvina slid her knife from its holster, plunging it into the wolf’s gut. Vatias’s wings halted, his body becoming paralyzed as Adelvina raked the blade along the underside of his spine. The winged white wolf plummeted to the ground, his carcass falling upon the shell of the Statue of Liberty’s torch.


The music inside abruptly ceased. A few screamed when they found the entrance was blocked by a mass of bloody white fur.


Adelvina plunged through the gory mess into the club.


The inside of the torch was decorated with lightbulbs, hanging from the ceiling.

 A makeshift stage crafted from half of a semi's trailer sat at one end, and a bar at the other.


The gathered dead froze, all eyes turning to the Nazi.

Adelvina's face was half melted away by the acidic contents of Vatias’s stomach, her uniform hung in tatters from her almost naked body.


“Anyone got telephone?” She rasped before falling face first into the sandy mud.

The End

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