Meet MayaMature

Every day was the same. The same faces, the same teachers,
the same dull grey halls. Maya kept her head down, focusing on her bright blue
shoes with rainbow laces.

She admitted it, she was Emo. But she didn’t care what other
people thought. She didn’t mind if they were disgusted at her ‘glitter-puke’
outfits, her shaggy brown hair or her bright red lipstick. Maya was simply
herself, unique and outstanding.

The bell rang, awakening her from her stupor. She pushed
through the hot sticky bodies of teens as panic rose in her throat. She slammed
straight into someone.


“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” Her vision blurred, her face


Her gaze immediately fixated downwards when she saw it was a
really cute guy - he had black hair that fell into bright blue eyes, pale skin like a winter moon.


“Hey, it’s no problem,”


Maya stooped down to help him pick up his books. He did the


“Looks like I’ll be late to Spanish 1!” He said with a laugh.


Maya dared a glance at him. Her heart did a somersault.


“Yeah…,” She murmured, standing.


They stood there for a moment, awkwardly.


“Can I have my books? I’m going to be late,” He said,
holding out his hands for them.


Maya blushed crimson and shoved them into his arms, “Yeah.
Sorry,” She scurried away, oblivious to his cries to come back.



“Today we will be studying….”


Maya was absently doodling little broken hearts in the
margin of her notebook. She drew one that had an arrow through it and blood
dripping down the paper. Oops. That was her blood. She had to quit chewing her nails.

She set down her pen and glanced up at her biology teacher,
attempting for a moment to actually listen to him, for a change.

His name was Mr. Parkinson. He wasn’t much to look at – bald
on top with graying hair in a ring around his head; small round glasses perched
on his nose and a slight belly.

He was pacing back and forth in front of the first row of
desks. Thank God she was in the far back corner.


The door opened and the entire classroom turned as one to see
who had come in so late.

It was that cute guy Maya had bumped into.

She stifled an excited squeal and buried her nose into the
only book lying open on her desk – Inkdeath
by Cornelia Funke.


And of course he had to sit right next to her.


“Timely entry son.”


A burble of laughter rippled through the students.


“Max. Sorry, I’m new here.” He had a funny accent, Maya
noticed. Something Italian maybe? She couldn’t place it…


“Perfectly fine. We all make mistakes on our first day; I’ll
give you that…”


Mr. Parkinson slipped back into his usual lecture-drone.


Max looked slightly startled at this but he snapped out of
it, shook his head, and began to unpack his things from a brown messenger bag
that was slung over his shoulder.


Maya was sneaking peeks at him from over the top of her
book. Max was wearing a long-sleeve black and white horizontal-striped shirt
and black jeans. Osiris shoes! Maya ducked behind her book and smiled into the words inked on the paper, the smell of book filling her nose.



Maya peeked over the top of her book.


Max was looking straight at her.

Her heart thudded in her chest.


“Hi.” She whispered.


He grinned, “Hi. Why didn’t you answer me in the hall?”


Maya blinked. Answer him? What on earth was he talking


“I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t hear you.”


He shrugged, “I get it…”

Maya closed her book, “No! I mean…that’s not what I meant….”


“Miss Fiasco!”


She cringed as Mr. Parkinson’s words stung her ears.


“If you and Mr. Aquarian would care to continue this
conversation, I suggest you go out to the hall,”


Max rose at once and walked over to the door.

The students began to murmur among themselves, rumors
spreading like wildfires.

Max paused at the door, looking back at Maya.


“Aren’t you coming?”


Maya stood, “Sure.”


She was used to getting kicked out of class. She had nothing
to lose.






The End

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