Love Never DiesMature

Maya lives in a small town. Nothing exciting has ever happened to her. So when a mysterious guy, Max, arrives at her high school, Maya takes adventure by the hand and follows her lover into the dark......



The tide swept around Max’s ankles pulling stray grains of
sand over his bare feet. A fish nibbled his toe – he stifled a laugh with his

Max loved the ocean. The smell of salt, the gorgeous
sunsets, the seagulls swooping low.

Usually it was the deepest of sapphires…but today the great
expanse of water was painted a dull bluish gray by the threatening black clouds
above. He closed his eyes and pointed his face into the wind, enjoying the
light spray of seawater on his cheeks. Something tickled his nose. He opened
his eyes, crossing them, to see a tiny flake of white on his nose. Max had
never seen snow so that wasn’t what he thought it was. It didn’t melt anyhow.

He reached up and pinched the tiny speck between thumb and
forefinger. It burst into fragments, floating away on the wind.

The young Emperor’s son looked up. White flakes rained down
from the black clouds, bright against the darkened world around him. They
floated on the surface of the water. Intrigued, Max bent down to watch a fish
attempt to eat it. It spat it out and darted quickly away.

As he stood, a seagull barely missed clipping his head with
its wing. It screeched as it passed. His eyes grew wide as a huge mass of birds
flew past him, screeching and howling something terrible, feathers and eyes and
horrible claws in a swirling flock.

Something was coming.

The ground began to gently vibrate beneath his bare soles.
Max squinted at something moving on the horizon. It was a blue line horizontal
above sea level.

His heart caught in his throat. It was a wave. A tidal wave,
heading for his tiny island.


“The city. They won’t know in time!” He cried, turning about
on his heel so that water sprayed into the air around him.


His heart thudded an erratic staccato rythym as his feet
pounded the ground. Branches slapped his face as he dove into the underbrush,
the forest separating him from the city. Suddenly, dark sky rolled beneath him
and the trees tilted, turning upside down.

A pain in his leg told him what had gone wrong. He’d tripped
on a good-sized rock.

Fear clutched him in a death grip. Maximus Aquarian
scrambled to his feet as a thousand tons of water slammed him back down against
the ground.

Spots danced before his eyes. His lungs felt as though they
would burst. He kept swimming for the surface but he couldn’t find it as the
tidal wave turned him around and around. His body slammed against tree after
tree in the mêlée. Finally, Max gave up. His thoughts grew murky, his body cold
and numb.

“Hush now, my child.


He relaxed as someone picked him up, cradling him in their

His head broke the surface of the water. Max attempted to
take in a breath but couldn’t.

He opened his eyes.

The world was growing smaller beneath him, a tiny speck of
green in the ocean of blue marking his tiny island – which was slowly being
swallowed by the blue.

Glancing up, he saw who was carrying him. It was a woman,
with curls of ebony hair and piercing white eyes. Her face was kind, smiling,
and the light of a thousand stars danced across her pale skin.


“Who are you?” Max’s throat felt dry and scratchy as he
uttered those words.

The woman glanced down at him, a sadness corrupting her smile.


“I am known by your kind as the Reaper.” She told him, her
voice an ethereal whisper.


Max blinked, “I don’t think I understand,”


She looked down again, big crystal tears falling from her
pearlescent eyes onto his tunic.


“No child. You do not. Not yet.”

The End

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