Love never dies

About a guy looking at a girl. You see whats apart of her life after being raped.


I see the tears fall gracefully from her cheeks. I see the smile cringing on her lips. She’s fearful, she doesn’t associate well with those her own age. I see the false sincerity in the tone of her voice, I see passion well beyond her years. I see an ability gone undernourished, yet, most of all I see him.

The man stands at the corner of her life, waiting to be viewed yet fearful of the image he would betray upon her soul. He’s there but he’s not. He’s alive but he can barely breathe. I understand her completely when she speaks of him. I can understand the fear in her pearly blue eyes as she says the words common out of the mere mention of the man in the corner.

Keep him away from me”

Rape hides her features, fear etches into her soul, a disaster which has torn her very fabric of her being. Yet I still understand her better then I can understand myself. I see what she sees, I hear what she hears. I see the faith brim beneath the surface, loyalty shines brighter then a diamond the size of the moon.

She will never go unnoticed, her tears will never last. A smile will fall upon her face, if I have anything to do with it.

She sits in the corner unnoticed, uncared for, yet missed beyond words. Her true heart lies beyond the island where she is deserted. That fact is what keeps her on the island, far away from anyone she cares about.

For all she knows this is true. For all she knows she’s stuck here, her fate speaks of mistrust, her loyalties lie where she cannot see them. She does not know of her fate. She has no clue.

I see the tears catch the sun, shining, sparkling. Her soul is alight with pleasure, yet she is alight with flame.

Nowhere in the world is she more secluded.

The man makes a move, she steps back as if in fright. I will never let her near him. I will never let tears fall from her eyes. I will never let him touch her, let him look at her with pleasure that stains his eyelids. I will never let harm go to such a beautiful soul.

No more”

No more, no more touches, no more deception no more lies. Yet where is she now? Where does her real personality lie? Where is the real her? Where will she find herself?

The answer lies where least expect. The answer lies with another man of true faith. The answer lies with a new lie, one which will stun her being. Where will she find that faith to be herself?

In one man who doesn’t exist; one man who is merely a myth; One man who will never lie nor cheat; one man to end all sorrows; a man who is a woman. A man who is a man; a man who beats the woman.

A man who isn’t religious, one who will restore her long lost faith in humanity. I see the man hidden in the shadows, he sits and waits his turn to leap. He stands when he feels necessary. He will run when the man in the corner leaps. He will protect the one he loves. Even if he doesn’t know it yet.

That man is me.

I see the girl sitting in the shadow, yet I do not. I see the girl who’s tears shed unnoticed, unseen. Yet I pay no notice of her until I have to. Until she is thrown at my face.

Until I lose all faith in humanity too. Until I lose the one I once loved without a tear shed, without an angry bone in my body. I will not open my eyes until she is gone from my life.

Love sucks. Yet soul mates stands higher then you will ever believe possible, they won’t budge no matter how much u turn the other cheek. When your path is forward. When your path is blocked, you turn a demon timid.

The End

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