Chapter 1Mature

"Love me, Love me not" Those 5 words tore me to shreds.
Evelyn Summers has gotten her heart broken by her crush. When Lyric Casanova comes to the rescue will she fall for him, or get her crush.

Chapter 1

Do you love me, or not?
Those 6 words tore me to shreds. What happened last night.

"Where are my keys." I groan stumbling through the crowd. I hard chest bumped into me.

"Aye! Watch out." My British accent strongly showing. "No way." A male voice rang through my ears. 

That wasn´t just any voice. It was Chase Matthew´s Voice. "Evie?" He asks. "Did you steal my keys!" I say pushing him away. "W-what n-no!" He says holding his hands up in surrender. 
"Yea ok. " I say looking at him. Something shimmering caught my eye. I push past him and make my way over to the shiny object.

"Ah finally." I utter reaching for my keys. As soon as i was about to get the keys into my grasp i get heaved away. I slight gasp escapes my lips as i´m jostled into the wall. 
"P-please d-don´t h-hurt m-me." I gasp out as i felt lips come near my ear. I perceived it to be a him because of his husky voice. "Now, Why would i do that?" He says.

That sent shivers up my spine. He puts me down, the light shined perfectly on his chiseled features. 

"C-chase." I say surprised. "Well yea. You ran away." He says looking at me. I don´t know what took over me but as soon as i saw him i grew with lust. I stood on my toes and connected my lips to his. At first he didn´t kiss back but after a while he did.

                                                                ~End of Flashback~
I bring my knees to my chest and thought. What is wrong with me!

A hand reaches out to me as I look up. "You ok there?" A husky voice says. "Go away Chase i hate you!" I scream. "Hey,hey. I don´t know to be more offended by the face you called me Chase or that i even look remotely close to him." He says smirking. "Sorry." i mutter under my breath. 

Strong arms pick me up and gather me into a warm embrace. "What happened." Lyric said his finger tracing small circles into the small of my back. "We had sex." I said trembling holding onto him for dear life. He stops and I felt him tense up at my words. 
"D-don´t worry about Chase, he stole Jasmine from me too." 

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The End

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