Wake Up

The wolf came up behind her and bared its teeth, at me or the boy I couldn't tell. I was in its line of sight and from where I was standing, I was its target.

"So you brought the mutt. Don't you think he's gotten you killed enough, dear?" The boy asked with confident sneer quickly replacing the look of regret I could've sworn I saw flash in his eyes for a moment.

The wolf sprang forward at the boy, tackling me to the ground in the process. His howl pierced my ears as his jaws dove at us.

I woke up with a ringing in my ears and aching all over. I guess I wasn't as in shape as I thought.

My alarm went off moments later. Massive Attack was the rooster of choice this morning. I turned off the hypnotic melody and grabbed a towel on my way to what needed to be a deeply relaxing shower.

The warm water was refreshing. Last night's dream had shaken me. I was even more freaked out when I pulled a broken leaf from my hair. I had no clue how it had gotten there. Maybe Jaz was right about my dreams not being normal. It would make sense. There wasn't much normal about me to begin with. I was probably just being paranoid. I had been outside yesterday. It had probably just gotten tangled in my hair on my run yesterday and I had slept on it. That was the most rational explanation and the one I was sticking with.

I left my hair in its natural waves, quickly scrunching a bit of product through it so that it didn't look completely untamed. I put a bit of make-up on so that I could hide my lack of sleep. I grabbed a comfy pair of jeans that hugged just right an my grey off the shoulder 'Werewolves do it better' tee that my mom had gotten me. Though I may have been Team Edward while reading the books, Taylor Lautner made it hard not to be Team Jacob, if only a little bit. I put on my trusty Chucks and my royal purple military peacoat that I had slaved away as a grossly underpaid stagehand to get.

I grabbed a vanilla breakfast smoothie in the kitchen, blew a kiss to Dad, and was out the door. It was warmer outside than it had been yesterday and for that I was thankful. Frenchy and I were better suited for warmer climates. I turned on the radio and was greeted by the infectious energy known as Phoenix. The song was awesome and had me bouncing in my seat.

I'd like to think I was imagining all the eyes that turned to stare at me as I pulled into the parking lot, but knowing my luck I wasn't.

The End

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