Tex Mex?

We walked slowly downstairs, my lips still tingling in remembrance of the way it felt as James’ lips pressed against them. I blushed, but thankfully he couldn’t see as I followed him down. His shoulders were even perfect I noticed. Raven was going to kill me tomorrow. I mean I had skipped school with one of the hottest guys in school and made out with him. This was exactly the kind of stuff her and her gossip girls would devour like Valentine’s Day chocolates. I could always tell her tonight so she wouldn’t jump me tomorrow. She would definitely appreciate being the first to know. It so annoyed me that the stupid smile plastered to my face refused to go away.

He opened the door for me and I slid in. he shifted gears and we were off, Slipknot’s “Psychosocial” blaring from the speakers. The road to his house flew past us as we drove back to school, my heart hammering away in my chest. I was still scared that we would run into Scott.

As if he read my mind, James quelled my fears. “Don’t worry about him. I’ll be right behind you. He won’t lay a finger on you.”

I smiled as I let out the breath I just realized I had been holding. “Thanks. You always seem to know just what to say.”

He leaned over and placed another kiss on my cheek. “No problem. We’re here.”

He was right. Eau Clare High was spread out before us, peaceful and beautiful in its emptiness. The parking lot was empty except for Frenchy, the Mustang, and the few cars of teachers stuck working late. Scott was nowhere in sight, not that I had a problem with that.

He drove up right beside Frenchy and let me out. I quickly threw my bag in and slid behind the wheel. I turned on the radio and started her up. Hawthorne Heights’ “Silver Bullet” was on. I loved that song, so I turned it up as I backed out and drove toward my house. James followed behind me as promised. I felt so much safer with him there.

Dad’s truck wasn’t home yet, so I considered myself safe for the moment. I just hoped this wasn’t like Dallas where a phone call would have been sent to Dad the minute I didn’t show up for Algebra. I parked Frenchy in the garage and turned back to James’ car. He parked in the driveway and stepped out toward me.

“Be careful tonight. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he said. The sincerity in his eyes made me feel as if he was asking me to promise.

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. I have to at least make it to Friday, don’t I?” I giggled.

He smiled. “Of course. You’re gonna love it you know. See you tomorrow Diamond Eyes.”

I leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his lip. “Yeah. See you,” I said and walked toward the front door.

I knew he was gone when I heard his tires spin on the gravel driveway. I could breathe again. Being with him made my heart race and it felt so good.

I grabbed the key from under the mat and let myself in. The house was empty, but I didn’t really mind. My brain was so stuffed full of the past few hours that I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on having a conversation. I went upstairs to my room, slipped off my backpack and boots, and collapsed on my bed.

My computer hummed quietly in the corner, creating the perfect peaceful atmosphere in my room. I grabbed my phone and had to pause for a moment as I tried to figure out the best way to tell Raven about recent events. No doubt she would already have some version of the story. She was Queen Raven after all.

Will nvr guess wut happened.

Her mind was probably racing with possible scenarios, the majority absolutely ridiculous. Though now that I thought about it, I couldn’t really believe it had happened either. The past few hours had seemed like dream. An impossible and perfect dream.


Ur right. Speak. Must kno everything. U will nvr guess the rumors I’ve heard so far. Very Bond.

Okay, so maybe she had heard some truth. But I had no idea where to begin without sounding completely crazy. Not many sane people fear for their lives because they can read minds.


Took off w/ James. He drew my picture. Very Titanic.

She could deal with the Cliff Notes version for now. She didn’t need to know about my particular gift/curse and I wasn’t about to tell her about the Scott weirdness. I still wasn’t exactly sure what was up with that. It was as if a darkness had taken over him and the Scott I knew wasn’t in control. But that sounded even more crazy and I had enough crazy to deal with without adding that.


OO. I kno there’s more. Spill. We kiss n tell.

 Should I tell her? I wasn’t sure. She had helped me find James, questioned postponed, which I knew was hard for her and she was the best friend I had here. I had to tell someone before I burst with the excitement of it all.


K. We kissed. But keep this between us. Don’t want a bad rep.

I hoped she would obey my wishes. I didn’t want news of our kiss all over school tomorrow.


:) No worries. My lips r sealed. School will b mucho interesting tomorrow.

She had no idea how right she was, though interesting wasn’t exactly the word I would’ve used. I got up and went downstairs to start dinner. I wasn’t in a cooking mood, but I needed something to occupy my mind and fill my stomach. I made quesadillas and salsa.


Dad showed up as I was finishing the last quesadilla. “Hey sweet pea. Is that Tex-Mex I smell?”

“Probably, seeing as that’s what I cooked,” I laughed.

“Always the smart one. Well it smells amazing. Thanks sweetie,” he told me as he got himself a plate.

I smiled to myself. “No problem. I’m just gonna eat and then head upstairs. I have tons of homework due tomorrow.”

“Okay. Thanks again for dinner. It’s delicious,” he replied.

I ate quickly and took care of dishes before heading upstairs. I read some more pages of Macbeth because I was way behind and I had a lot to read by tomorrow. I guess my distraction today was catching up to me, though I didn’t regret it. Just thinking of kissing James gave me goose bumps, but these were definitely the good kind. Raven was right about one thing. Tomorrow was sure to be interesting.

I couldn’t wait to see what would happen with me and James, but the idea of running into Scott terrified me. Last time I had seen him, he was still in creepy killer/stalker mode. I brushed the thoughts of the scary Scott from my mind. I figured that as long as I didn’t mention Jaz to him, all would be fine. The mention of her seemed to trigger that dark side of him.

Though my brain was wide awake, my body was slowly shutting down as sleep began to overtake it. I changed into my Eeyore tank and shorts and headed to bed.

My dreams were a jumbled mess. The sea air was blowing through my hair one minute as I kissed James passionately on the deck of the Titanic and the next I was stranded in the forest with not even Leonardo DiCaprio to keep me company. Jaz came up to me through the forest and she looked super badass as usual. She was wearing a white, lace and cotton baby-doll dress with frayed ends that reached the middle of her thighs and black tights and knee high black boots. Her arms were covered by a thin gray cardigan and on anyone else, the outfit would have been the picture of innocence. Jaz made it look like she had just escaped from a convent. She grabbed my hand and half-led, half-dragged me after her, deeper into the depths of the forest.

“You’re dead,” I finally managed to say. “Why am I dreaming of you if you’re dead? I don’t even know how I saw you in that vision today. I shouldn’t have been able to see you. This is a dream right?” Dream me asked her.

“You continue to amaze me. Surely you realize by now that your dreams are not normal dreams. I wasn’t normal when I lived either. I had powers as well, though mine differed from yours. He killed me because of them,” she answered calmly, a faint smile on her lips.

“Who killed you Jaz?” I asked. James never told me who killed her, though the way he had said it was Scott’s fault instantly made me think Scott. Jaz made me not so sure.

A howl in the distance made her freeze instantly. “He’s close. You have to wake up Chris. You can’t let him get into your mind. Wake up!”

The howling was getting closer. She was shaking me, yelling at me to wake up. I was trying, but I couldn’t force myself awake.

The wolf burst forth from the trees and I refused to be frozen in place again. I took off, sprinting away from it. I could hear Jaz running and yelling after me, but I was so focused on getting away that her words were lost on me.

I ran blindly, not caring where I ran to, as long as it was away from the wolf. I didn’t see the boy until I crashed into him. “Hello Chris,” he said. His voice was smooth and calm. He said hello so casually, like we had known each other for years. And we had. The golden-eyed boy stared down at me with a wide smile, no teeth.

“Don’t you touch her,” Jaz hissed at him. The violence her eyes had hinted at was now clear in her voice. “Chris. You need to wake up right now.”

The End

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