I turned my head to look at James. He didn’t notice, too focused on his art. I smiled, glad that he was mine, not that it was official.

Just as I was turning my face back to the beautiful, if hypnotizing, view, he spoke. “I’m done. Would you care to see it?”

Of course. “Yeah. I’d love to,” I replied.

I stepped away from the edge of the balcony and walked over to where he sat. he had an easy smile on his face and I instantly relaxed. I sat down lightly in his lap and looked at the canvas.

I tried my best not to gasp aloud, but I think a small peep may have escaped me.

“So you like it?” He asked, the smile never leaving his lips.

I was speechless. For a minute anyway. “It’s beautiful.”

And it was. James had captured everything from the never-endingness of the forest to the simple beauty of the balcony, but I was awed by how he had drawn me.

He had caught my little smile, even though I had tried my best to hide it. My hair was in perfect beachy waves and he had drawn it before I had put the bothersome strand behind my ear. In his drawing, I was way more beautiful than in real life. Even in the simple lines of charcoal, he had created a girl that resembled me, but couldn’t be. My eyes, starring off into the distance, shined and I wondered what he had thought I was thinking about.

I didn’t look like I was scared or off in la la land. I looked like a girl who was thinking of love. My eyes held a serenity I didn’t feel, but wished I could.

I was at a loss for words. He had just made himself even more perfect in my eyes, without even trying. I could really see myself falling for him. Art of me was afraid I already had.

I stood up and turned to face him, my face blushing I’m sure. “You’re an amazing artist James. I don’t think Mrs. Port needs to worry. You’ll get an A for sure.” I smiled.

“Thanks. I’ll put it away and then we can figure out something to do.”

I followed him back inside, shutting the sliding doors behind me. We walked a few steps and I stopped before following him in a room. His bedroom.

“You can come inside if you’d like. Don’t worry, I won’t bite,” he said with a chuckle.

The End

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