Off With Prince Charming

James didn’t seem fazed by the situation, just drove calmly through the city streets.

            “Where are we headed?” I asked, not that I really cared as long as I was with him.

            “My house. My parents won’t be home to bother us and I am sure Scott won’t follow. It will be safe.”

            I’ll admit, I was super interested to see James’ house. I could picture it, out in the middle of nowhere, hidden from view. Grand, but not gaudy. Mysterious, just like him.

            We drove farther and farther, Eau Clare passing by in the rear view. Did he even live in town?

            As if in response to my unasked question, he turned down a narrow side road I hadn’t noticed and would probably never find on my own. It worked its way through the forest and trees that surrounded it, threatening to completely overtake it, returning it to the home it once belonged to. The sunlight couldn’t reach us here, not through the leaves of the hundreds of trees, nor through the thick clouds that signaled the coming of winter.

            We drove in silence, but it was nice. After about five minutes of trees and silence, we arrived. It was perfect, huge, and probably very expensive. Words could not describe the house I stood in front of, at least not accurately.

            It was a two-story with a beautiful wooden balcony connected to an upstairs room. Off to the side, a black spiral staircase connected to it so it could be accessed from the outside as well. The outside was painted white wood, though thoroughly modern in design.

            James exited the car and was around to open my door before I even had a moment to reach for the handle. Sweet.

            “Come on in. I hope you like it.”

            How could I not? Just the outside was wowing me. My dream house had a spiral staircase just like this one. I had wanted one ever since I watched Casper when I was little. And the balcony was straight out of Romeo and Juliet, very romantic.

            He opened the huge, oak double doors and I was awed by what I saw. In every cheesy teen movie from the 90’s, there is that magical scene where the nerdy girl walks down the stairs after her makeover, amazing her friends and the guy she’s secretly in love with. In front of me stood the perfect grand staircase for that kind of jaw dropping entrance. It came down from the second story as the focus of the front door. It was beautiful.

            “We can hang out in the living room if you want. I’ll grab us something to drink. What do you want? A coke? Sprite? Dr. Pepper?”

            “Sprite would be nice. Thanks,” I answered as I stood in the entrance to his house.

            I stood there waiting for James to return and wondering how I could have been lucky enough to meet such a perfect guy. He was sweet, charming, amazing to look at, and saved me from the bad guy. What more could a girl ask for?

            Goosebumps crept their way up my arm when James took my hand and led me to the living room. I found myself staring at the Taj Mahal of entertainment centers. Xbox 360, PS3, and the largest TV known to man were just the first things I noticed. And then there were the bookcases, though small library was probably a better term. Books lined the walls and I never wanted to leave. I was in bookworm heaven. I even noticed the Twilight Saga in the mix. I raised my eyebrows.

            James noticed. “Everyone reads them. Thought I should at least know what all the hysteria is about.”

            “And what did you think?” I asked with a smile.

            “What kind of vampire sparkles?”

            I laughed. “Edward.”

            “What I don’t understand is why he didn’t kill her? Her blood is so irresistible to him. She is nothing but a walking accident. What is the point?”

            “They’re in love. Their love is so powerful; nothing can take that away from them. Love can conquer everything, even death. At least in can in books and movies,” I said, lost in my romantic daydreams.

            “Love can beat a lot of things Chris, but not death. Not destiny.”

            I started to get the feeling that we weren’t talking about Twilight anymore. This was real. This was sad.

            “So what would you like to do Chris? I’m sure you don’t want to spend your day sitting in awkward silence. Movie?” He asked, smoothly changing the subject.

            I looked through the blue-ray collection and found a good one.

            “Blood and Chocolate? Out of everything you choose werewolves?” He asked skeptically.

            “Yes. It’s a good movie. The book’s better, even though the guy she loved betrayed her because of what she was. I wished he could have just loved her the way she was. If I really loved someone, I wouldn’t let anything come in between us.”

            “Even if he was a monster?”

            “Even if. As long as he was sweet like you,” I added with a wink. So not me.

The End

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