Her (part 2)

He’s just looking at me and I can’t help it. I want to know what’s on his mind. I start to let the hum fill my mind, but after a few seconds and a few deep breaths, the hum fades. I can’t invade his private thoughts like that. How would I feel if someone did that to me? Besides, it’s better not knowing. He could be thinking something bad about me, but I don’t think he would.

Raven is sitting in the corner wearing the furriest, brightest winter coat I think I have ever seen in my life, that anyone has ever seen. It’s massive, easily twice the size of her and bright, neon green. She looks like a fuzzy highlighter. She has on dark skinny jeans and slim, black boots up to her knees. She has on the silliest, yet cutest ski cap known to man, black with little lime-green polka dots. In between the layers of fake fur on her jacket lies her necklace, the ring on it sliding with even the slightest movement of her head.

“Chris! Come over here this instant! You will never believe what I have to tell you,” she practically screams across the room..

I smile at James apologetically. If only he could read my mind, he would know how much I want him me up in those strong arms of his and never let me go.

I quickly sit down by Queen Raven as that is truly how she behaves, though not in a bad way, who is currently bouncing up and down in her seat in excitement. One might even interpret it as a toddler doing the potty dance. “What could possibly have you that excited?”

“Dear friend, developing news of course. Just happened this morning,” she replied, teasing me.

“What is it?” Now I was interested.

“Well several reliable sources have seen Tori Fowler crying her eyes out with her darling Scott nowhere to be found. To be blunt, they are over,” she answered with a smug smile.

I wasn’t quite sure how to react. Part of me was really happy, ecstatic. Another part felt bad for Tori, even if she was a b***h, but most of me was just confused.

Why would I be happy? It wasn’t as if I liked him like that. I tried to think it was because he deserved so much more than her, her shallow thoughts, her shallow actions, but I knew that wasn’t it. And I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to know.

The bell rang, ending at least part of my confusion. I looked over at James who was looking at me with a puzzled look. I wasn’t really paying attention because I wasn’t looking at the classroom around me. I was looking at her, the girl whose image had invaded my brain.

She was short like me, but you wouldn’t dare tell her that to her face. She looked like she could take a person down with a single stare of her pale, ice blue eyes. They were striking, completely mesmerizing. But they held a hidden sadness that you would never see, not unless she was vulnerable enough to show it. If her eyes had been more subtle, I wouldn’t have even given them a second glance, not with the way her hair looked. It was in a messy, shaggy bob that on anyone else would have looked like they were trying to imitate, but she was the original. It was mostly a shiny, light cinnamon brown, but streaks were neon purple, though not in a glaring LOOK AT ME way. As if to contrast the purple, streaks of sleek, equally shiny black were mixed in. it looked completely random, but seemed to suit her just fine.

She had on a slate gray, soft cotton tank with a bright, though somehow dark at the same time, blue tie hanging in between the flaps of her beat up black leather jacket. A bright middle-of-the-ocean blue mini showed off her slender, yet muscular legs. She had on jet black pointed flats with mini faux sapphires on them to tie in the whole look. Even though she looked sweet and innocent in her girly get-up, you would be a fool to believe it.

But there was something I was missing as I stared at her. I knew she wanted, needed me to figure it out, but I was clueless. If only she could speak to me, tell me what it was I needed to do. Her eyes pleaded with me to help her, but before I could figure out how to do it, she was ripped from view as though dragged off by some invisible kidnapper.

It was then that I began to feel Raven shaking me and whispering my name. “Chris, Chris? Wake up.”

I opened my eyes, though I didn’t even remember closing them. “Sorry must’ve dosed off.”

“Lost in the Twilight Zone more like. Your eyes glazed over and then slowly just closed. I was trying to get your attention, but I guess you couldn’t hear me. It was like you were here, but at the same time not, you know?”

“Yeah, sorry. Weird daydream I guess,” I lied.

“I was beginning to get worried.”

“No need. I’m fine,” I lied again. I was starting to get too used to this.

“You are quite possibly the strangest person I have ever met, Chris Harper,” Raven mused.

“Thanks. I think,” I replied.

“No problem.”

I wanted to find time to talk to James but Raven didn’t give me a chance. She was busy chatting about the Miramar trip. I was going to need to find a job soon if I was going to keep up any kind of social life here.

I didn’t even pay attention to Mr. Ads’ lecture. My mind was thinking of the girl with the piercing blue eyes and how I could even begin trying to figure out how to help her.

The End

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