I awoke with a smile on my lips. I couldn’t wait until Friday.

My alarm was about to sound so I just switched it to the radio and climbed out of bed. They were playing “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessionals. It matched the way I was feeling perfectly. I don’t know what pulled me to James. He was very cute, but that wasn’t it, at least not all of it. It was as if some part of my being knew something I didn’t.

I shrugged off my crazy feelings and jumped into the shower. I bathed quickly and stood in front of my closet. I chose a comfortable pair of jeans, my black Uggs, a long-sleeve black tee, and a bright purple V-neck shirt. I put my customary necklaces on, quickly pressing my locket to my lips for good luck, my rubber bands, quickly ran some shine spray through my hair, and let it fall in gentle waves around my shoulders. I applied some light make-up, just enough so my face wasn’t outshined by my hair. My eyes sparkled, a calm light brown. I brushed my teeth and put on some pina colada flavored lip gloss.

I made my way downstairs and decided to head to the donut shop for breakfast today. I drove through town and found it next to Key’s. I walked in and was greeted by a pleasant smile and a good morning.

I bought some apple juice, two kolaches, a strawberry donut, and left.

The cold wind bit my nose and slapped my cheeks as I walked toward Frenchy. What was I going to do when it rained?

I drove toward the parking lot wishing I had remembered my cute new winter jacket, instead I had left it laying on bed, tangled up in my sheets. Good job Chris.

The parking lot was already full when I arrived. Everyone had probably made their way inside, trying to keep warm from the bitter cold that raged outside. The courtyard was empty except for a few people scurrying in little groups to the shelter the buildings presented.

I wondered where my small group of friends were, hiding in a huddle and talking loudly, I imagined. James I pictured sitting alone, but not looking lonely. I imagined that he had the same dream as me last night and was awaiting my arrival, a single red rose in his hand.

I waved off the thought, ridiculously optimistic. Scott was probably sitting with Tori, surrounded by other jocks and friends. I could even picture his look of annoyance at her self-centered chatter. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing aloud.

I walked toward the English building, excited to see James and Raven. My heart began to do back flips at the thought. I couldn’t figure out what it was about him that made me lose all reason. It definitely wasn’t for the same selfish reasons that attracted Tori to Scott, which made me wonder what it was he could possibility see in her. She was a shallow, mean-spirited b***h that only wanted him to advance her own social status. I’d ask Raven. She knew everything.

It’s cold.

Freezing balls.

Wonder if it snows.

The thoughts that I hadn’t noticed before started to hum louder and louder the nearer I got to the classrooms. But after a few moments of deep breaths, they retreated into the background. Nothing interesting anyway.

I entered the building and instantly felt warmer. Good, my toes were beginning to complain of frostbite.

His eyes were on me the moment I entered the classroom and I instantly averted my eyes before I had a heart attack right then and there. Control yourself Chris. He’s just a guy. An amazing guy that I can’t stop thinking of.



The End

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