Dancing with My Prince

He was wearing dated clothes just as I was. It seemed to fit him well. It was as if he was in his element, surrounded by the band and ballroom. He had that timeless look about him. I looked up and was greeted by his inviting smile.

“May I have this dance?” He asked as he bowed and extended a hand.

My eyes smiled for me. I was so awed by the perfection of this moment that I was rendered temporarily speechless. I took his hand and he placed his other hand around my waist. We slowly began to dance to the most beautiful, romantic piece I had ever heard.

I have never been a good dancer but he was an amazing lead and my feet moved effortlessly across the floor as though they had done this a million times before.

We flew across the floor looking like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The band switched to a different song, even more beautiful than first. He spun me around and I had never so felt so happy as I felt in that moment. We danced more and more and as we danced and spun I thought, more than once, that I saw someone watching us from the corner of the ballroom. But they were so far away I couldn’t be sure.

I let the mysterious spectator fade from my thoughts and concentrated on dancing in the arms of my handsome Romeo. I could feel the night coming to a close. The band began to play its final song. It was slow and we danced close, holding each other as though we would never have another moment as perfect as this. I felt so safe in those arms. The song ended and he bowed and gently laid a soft kiss on my hand.

“Goodnight diamond eyes,” he whispered.

“Goodnight James,” I whispered back.

The End

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