I remembered I was at school and that unless I hurried, I was going to be late for class and at the bottom of Coach Baker’s favorites list.

The other girls were already dressed and ready by the time I exited the locker room.

“Nice of you to join us Harper. I’ll let it pass today but I don’t accept tardiness, be on time,” Coach said. “We’re in the weight room today. Girls, pick partners. Tori, I’d like for you to work with Chris. Show her how we do things.”

Tori, I assumed, looked ready to spit venom at Coach Baker the moment he turned his back. But when she faced me, she was all smiles. She had the perfect distance runner’s body. She was long and lean and walked with a graceful strength. She looked nice.

She wanted to strangle me. I could hear it in her thoughts as clear as if she were announcing it to the class.

She thinks she can just move here and take over? I’ve seen the way she hangs around with Scott. He’s mine and I’m not about to let some new girl steal all my hard work.

How could she be so shallow? Scott was merely my friend, a very hot friend, but a friend all the same. I was more focused on James. And somehow I was going to get her to see that before she dropped a weight on my head.


“So Tori, I can see you don’t like me, but I want you to know that I would love to find a way to change that. I’d rather not have enemies here,” I said plainly.

To say she looked surprised would have been an understatement. But I could tell Tori wasn’t one for surprises and quickly moved to regain control. “I’ve seen you with Scott. I just wanted you to be aware that he is not available.”

I smiled. “That’s okay. We’re just friends. It would stay that way whether he was available or not. I’m into someone else.”

She smiled smugly. “Well now that that matter is cleared up, I don’t see why we can’t get along. Spot me?”

I spotted her as she benched. We were forced to vacate the weight room early by the arrival of the football team.

I spotted Scott instantly, his hulking frame impossible to miss. Tori found him too. I gave a smile and left. She gave him a flirty smile and a flip of her hair. I just rolled my eyes.

The girls herded into the locker and began to strip out of their sweaty and small amounts of clothing to bathe themselves in the showers. I waited patiently for an available stall and proceeded to rinse off the nasty, grimy feeling the sweat had left on me.

The locker room was almost empty when I took my leave, just a few girls left gathering their things.

I had changed quickly and walked to the parking lot where Frenchy waited. The day had cleared up and the sun was peeking out from behind a cloud that looked a lot like Bugs Bunny.

I drove over to the shop and walked back to Dad’s office to do my homework. I finished an hour later, cursing Spanish for being so hard. I mean is it really necessary to have to different kinds of past tense?

Dinner needed to be cooked at home, and if the monster growling in my stomach was any indication, soon. I found Dad working on a Monte Carlo and told him I was retreating to the house to cook. He smiled, kissed my forehead, and waved me off.

I called a quick goodbye to the rest of the family, there was no better word to describe them, and drove home.

The End

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