I sensed someone was watching me, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I shook the feeling off. Paranoia was not a good trait to have.

I continued on my way to Ms. Lang’s chemistry class, weaving through the clustered hallway. I didn’t feel as nervous navigating through the courtyard and buildings today. Day two and it was already second nature.

I sat down at one of the lab tables and chatted with Nikki until the bell rang for class to begin. She tried to pry more info about my conversation with James out of me but I just repeated that there wasn’t much to say.

We had another lecture with more notes. I had a feeling that this class would never be interesting to me, no matter how many different teachers taught it to me.

The bell rang and I was excited to see Raven next class. That girl could make anything interesting. She bounced up to me and dragged me to a seat in the back.

“Okay, so I know you probably didn’t want to spill to the gossip girls but you can tell me,” Raven whispered.

“Tell you what? About James? It’s like I told you at lunch. There isn’t anything to tell,” I responded.

“Okay. I believe you but he is seriously hot and if I heard right, which I usually do, he had his arms wrapped around you earlier,” she said with a sly smile.

I blushed remembering the way I felt in his arms. “Okay he did and though it may not look like it, he has some pretty strong arms hiding underneath those dress shirts he seems to fill so nicely.”

Raven laughed and grinned. “You continue to surprise me Harper.”

“I’ve been told I’m full of surprises.”

Health class was filled with notes on amphetamines. Only health class could make drugs so boring to learn about.

I had athletics next, clear across campus from Raven’s chemistry class. We parted ways and I headed for the gym’s locker room.

As I walked, I could clearly feel someone watching me.

I picked up my pace. The feeling continued to follow. I felt my cheeks start to burn as I how angry I was. Could I not be normal, even for a moment?

And as my anger increased, the mindless hum in my head that I had barely noticed became a loud roar and I understood that I was hearing hundreds of minds, their private thoughts echoed in my head.

I wonder if Brandon will ask me out.

Now I know I studied that last night, what was it?

If the Council found out about this, they’d pull me.

Could Ms. Bennet be any more boring?

The flood of thoughts continued. I forced myself to take a few deep breaths. The thoughts quieted to background noise.

Great, I was officially a freak. I wondered why anyone would be thinking about the city council. Though maybe it was like some undercover cop. It sure sounded like one.

I waited for the thoughts to get louder. They didn’t and continued their low hum in the back of my head.

The End

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