The bell rang and I waved a quick goodbye to Scott as Raven dragged me off to lunch. We went through the line with an inpatient Raven just about ready to beat the girl in front of us over the head with her tray.

We sat down at a table that had already been claimed by the girls. Apparently during class, Raven had sent them all a text because as we sat they all looked up expectantly, waiting for me to spill some juicy gossip.

“What are waiting for, a drum roll?” Nikki asked in her usual sarcastic tone.

“If you insist,” I replied.

The girls laughed for a moment but leaned in just a little bit closer.

“So what is it Queen Raven has told you? I’m a little curious to know myself.”

“We heard you were in the nurse’s office. Are you okay?” Courtney asked, looking genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I had this horrible migraine, make me shake and stuff. But I’m okay now,” I replied. There was no way I was telling them the truth. I already thought I was crazy. I didn’t want to imagine their reactions.

“And if our sources are correct, as they usually are, you were carried to the nurse’s office by none other than Scott Hill,” Shannon added.

Courtney and Kendra shared identical sighs and looks of awe.

“Why can’t I have your life?” Kendra asked.

I only wished I could tell her why she would never want it.

“Because dear Kendra, you would faint if he ever spoke to you. You nearly died when an equally hot guy was around and he wasn’t even talking to you,” Nikki answered.

Kendra’s cheeks quickly turned a scarlet color that reminded me of a particularly cute shade of nail polish.

“Yeah. Anything else you heard?”

“Well,” Courtney began. “We may have heard about the possibility about an interesting conversation between you and James. But if you don’t want to tell us, that’s okay too.”

“Courtney don’t lie. We all know you want to know as much as the rest of us. And now you’ve spiked my interest. I hadn’t heard that yet. Chris, would you care to fill us in?” Raven asked.

I sighed. Was it possible to have secrets when I had friends like this? It was like they were omnipresent. I wondered if they could tell me what I had had for breakfast. At the thought I chuckled.

“That funny?” Raven asked.

“No. I was just thinking of how you all seem to know everything.”

“It’s a small school. You’re the new girl. We have nothing better to do in this town except gossip. You’ll get used to it,” Shannon answered.

“Joy,” I responded.

“It’s not that bad and on weekends we usually take a trip to some other town so we can see a movie or something,” Raven said.

“Or we could always see if we could persuade Nikki’s dad to let us take the boat,” Shannon added.

“Good idea in the summer. It’s a bit too cold for that now,” Kendra stated.

“Agreed. Although it should be noted, Scott’s hot body makes me miss summer even more than usual,” Shannon said with a sly grin.

“Girls! You are missing the point. We were discussing the conversation with James. You guys are like a bunch of old women,” Raven said.

They all refocused their eyes on me. Had their eyes been lasers, they would have packed me with holes, making me look like Swiss cheese.

“Nothing happened,” I answered to their unbelieving stares.

“That’s not how we heard it,” Nikki said.

“He’s very cryptic. I don’t really have much more to say,” I replied, answering the question as best as I could.

“Makes sense. The boy never talks,” Nikki said.

“And when he does, he’s still ü ber mysterious,” Kendra finished.

“You can all stop salivating now. Lunch is about to be over and Chris, you do know you’re invited to go to Miramar with us on Saturday?” Raven said.

“She’s not really giving you a choice,” Shannon said.

“I’m beginning to understand that’s how she operates,” I replied with a smile of my own.

“Good. I’ll pick you up about noonish,” Raven added.

The bell rang moments later as Raven had predicted. I left for chemistry with goodbyes and waves behind me.

The End

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