We sat down together all eyes seemed to gravitate towards me. I knew they were all trying to muster up the confidence to ask me how I was. But even though their concern was well placed, I couldn’t stand the thought of having to pretend to be polite while being interrogated by them.

Ms. T glanced our way once, registered my need for indifference, and left James and I alone. He and I sat silently by each other, content simply with each other’s company.

I opened my mouth once or twice, trying to come up with something to say. James had returned to acting like normal, or as normal as he was around me. The normal he put on for me and the normal he displayed for everyone else seemed to be two different things.

I wondered why he seemed to change when he was with me. But who knew, maybe he had managed to see something that I had missed. Maybe he saw some hidden potential in me. I knew that whatever it was, it had just become my favorite part of me as well.

I looked up for a moment and caught James staring at me intently. His olive green eyes had me trapped in my seat. I tried to meet his gaze but couldn’t keep my eyes targeted on his. There was something unnerving about the way he looked at me. It was as though I was the gold medal in the Olympics and this was his last chance.

I shook off the thought. There was no way a guy like James would ever view me as a prize. I looked at him again and was greeted by that devilish grin of his that I loved. I smiled inwardly. He leaned in close to me and motioned for me to do the same. His voice was silky smooth and had turned me into a star struck fan. He leaned in so that his totally kissable lips were mere centimeters away from my melting ear.

“You know you are absolutely irresistible when you act shy like that.”

I giggled. I actually giggled. What was wrong with me? A few people turned around to see what could have caused such a reaction from me. They saw nothing as James was sitting in his seat, taking notes. Had I not remembered the reason for my idiotic outburst, I would’ve doubted whether or not he had ever moved.

The class turned back around in a uniform swoop. James slid back into position beside me. His warm breath sent shivers shooting through my body.

“But we both know things aren’t often what they would appear to be. Isn’t that right diamond eyes?”

I froze. How could he possibly know? Maybe my outburst at lunch had alerted him that I wasn’t as normal as everyone as everyone else around me. My mind raced on, trying to figure out just how he had found out my secret. Who would he tell? The government would probably take me and try to study me in a lab. I couldn’t let that happen.

I willed the thoughts to fill my head with their annoying chatter. They ignored me and head was left with only my paranoid delusions.


I managed to let myself be pulled out of my own thoughts to hear him.

“Yeah?” I replied , managing to sound confused and nowhere near as terrified as I felt.

“Did I say something to upset you?”

“No. I was just a tad bit confused. What did you mean about things not being what they appeared?”

“Oh that. I was merely commenting on how people can fool you. Like you for example, you want everyone to believe you’re the shy new girl. You are probably the complete opposite. But that’s okay diamond eyes, you will find me not so easily fooled.”

I hoped that meant he didn’t know my secret but I couldn’t be sure. He could just be making innocent conversation. But then again.

I couldn’t be sure. And I needed to be. But before I had time to figure it out, the bell rang.

The End

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