History Lesson

The bell rang, interrupting my study session. I had history next and I would get to see Scott again. I smiled to myself at the pleasant thought. I remembered where the history building was, even after only being there once before. I found Mr. Singley’s room easily enough, pausing only for one hesitant moment as I tried to remember the room number.

I sat down next to Scott, where he had already saved me a seat. It was funny to see his hulking frame trying to fit into the tiny desk. I guess I hadn’t noticed how extremely massive he was whenever I had talked to him before. In truth, it just made him more attractive. But I had to remind myself that I was going out with James on Friday. Drooling over another guy, no matter how great he was, would not give me a good reputation at my new school. I tried to control my thoughts so that they weren’t displayed across my face for everyone to see like they had been when I was in English.

We conversed quietly during class, talking about nothing in particular. I smiled and laughed at the appropriate points, not really paying attention, because inside my head I could hear screaming. I could hear the bloodcurdling scream of someone in monstrous pain.

I closed my eyes and gently massaged my throbbing temples. I just wanted the sound to stop. It was killing me. The pain, the anguish, the terror, I could feel it all reflected in the tortured scream. I couldn’t take it. It was too much pain for any one person to bear.

I guess the agony that I felt showed on my face because next thing I knew, Scott was shouting at me. He sounded worried, but I couldn’t say anything, afraid if I opened my mouth, I would shatter glass with the piercing scream that was sure to escape my lips.

From within my mental prison, I could dimly hear Scott telling Mr. Singley he was taking me to the nurse’s office. I could faintly feel his arms around me as he carried me and gently laid me on the cold bed in her office. I could feel him holding my hand as the screaming died out. But the horrible feelings remained. It felt as though my heart was being yanked from my chest and crushed in the vice-like grip of an iron fist. I could distantly feel my body begin to shake and writhe under the extreme torturous pain. I could feel the anger, the sadness, and the bitter hatred, all flowing through me like the blood that kept my aching heart beating. And I just wished with everything I had in me, that it would all stop.

And as though both my mind and body bowed to my wishes, the pain ceased to exist. I could feel my body collapse as the hold the pain held on me disappeared. The grip on my heart loosened and I could feel it pulsing, racing in my chest, struggling to return to normal. My lungs expanded and I was slowly able to breathe again, though I dared not open my lips, lest the pain that had ravaged my body and mind escape. I kept my eyes closed until I could be sure it was over.

The End

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