Day 2

I awoke to find myself drenched in sweat and my heart pounding furiously in my chest. The clock on my dresser said it was three in the morning. I had only been trapped in my nightmare for a few hours though it had felt like an eternity. I had to go back to sleep. I needed to look well rested when I saw James tomorrow. I smiled to myself at the mere thought of him, though I knew nothing about him except from what others told me. He was nice to me, lots of girls liked him, and that was very nearly the extent of my knowledge. Even still, I knew I had to rest. I waned to look my best so I could be sure he wasn’t just lured in by my new girl attention.

Fighting off the vivid memory of my nightmare, I managed to let my eyes close again and instead of being surrounded by the dense forest, I found myself lounging on a picturesque beach with snow white sand. It was warm and the tropical air felt cool and refreshing against my smooth skin. I could smell the salt rolling off of the crisp waves as they gently tagged the beach. The sun was shining, casting beautiful patterns on the sand as its rays drifted though the palm tree’s leaves. I laid my dream made, perfect body back and found myself buried in Zac Efron’s sweet embrace.

My long time enemy screamed at me at seven fifteen, ripping me from my future husband’s arms. I sat up and glared at the evil machine before silencing its howl for the morning.

I got out of bed and took my morning shower. I put in my contacts and wrapped my hair, which now smelled like my strawberry scented shampoo, in a towel atop my head while I walked back to my bedroom to get dressed.

I chose a comfortable pair of Tilt jeans that hugged my curves without screaming their existence from the tallest mountain, a black, lace tank, and a sunflower yellow fitted shirt with Rosie the Riveter on it. As always, my customary three necklaces decorated my neck and my rubber bands decorated my wrist. I went back to my bathroom to work on my hair. After thirty minutes, I had managed to tame the beast to lie down straight, a miracle to my eyes. I quickly applied some light eyeliner and mascara, highlighting the green that was sometimes reflected in my eyes, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

The smell of eggs and sausage hit me as soon as my feet touched the staircase. Dad was up and cooking, apparently to make up for his absence yesterday, which wasn’t necessary but definitely appreciated. The smell was so intoxicating. I pulled up a chair at the kitchen table as Dad put a plate in front of me. The steam rose up and I was practically salivating over it as I gobbled it all down.

“Your best yet,” I said as I finished my meal. Dad was a breakfast cook only. Anything else was strictly out of his league.

“Thanks. I try,” he said, looking ever so smug.

I rolled my eyes in a big, dramatic show and laughed.

With breakfast bonding over, I headed for my car so I could make my way to school. I was much more excited and much less nervous than I had I had been the day before.

The only thing that would make this situation perfect is if the dreams and thoughts, if they would disappear all would be well. Either was not likely to change.

The End

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