Deadly Dance

I went back to my room and climbed lightly into bed. I pulled the covers up to my ears and rolled onto my side into oblivion.

I was not allowed the peaceful sleep I so eagerly craved. Instead, I was plagued by dreams, though not the dreams I had anticipated. Yet somehow they still held the same unyielding grip as the others before had. The boys of my dreams were gone. A large, chestnut brown wolf stood in front of me, crouching as though poised to attack at any given moment. It stared at me with hungry eyes. I slowly backed away from the massive beast. It growled at me from deep within its powerful lungs and its cloudy blue eyes radiated the strongest hate. I wondered when it would attack and how swiftly my end would come. It slowly crept forward, still in its hunter’s stance, mouth opened to reveal teeth sharp as daggers, salivating at the very sight of a potential meal. I took in my surroundings. I was surrounded by the forest, though I didn’t recognize where I was at all. The tall trees seemed to mock my confusion, offering little light through their thick covering of leaves. It seemed as though fall had not yet made its way to this section of wood, not that I could see a section unlike it.

I made a split-second decision. I quickly ran behind the closest, largest tree in sight. Big mistake. The wolf instantly sprinted after me and lunged as its body neared where I cowered in fear. I opened the eyes that had previously been squeezed shut as I awaited my impending doom to relief as I realized the wolf had missed me.

But apparently I hadn’t been the prey of this particular hunt. The wolf was furiously attacking someone else, or trying to. The person, a boy it seemed, was moving much too fast for the rhino-like attacks of the wolf. I watched the action play out from my haven behind the tree. It seemed amazing how swift and gracefully the boy was moving as though he was playing tag with his overgrown puppy. It didn’t seem right somehow. I felt as though I were missing a crucial part of the scene. It was like planning to rob a bank, but forgetting about the security system.

I knew in my mind I should probably run, that this was the best chance I would receive to escape. But I couldn’t get my mind to forget the fact that by escaping the fight, I was leaving the boy behind to die. I couldn’t bring myself to make the choice. The wolf would eventually get him. There was no way he could possibly outlast it forever.

I had to do something. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to choose the selfish alternative. I stepped out from behind the safety of the tree and turned to face the pair.

I did the first thing that popped into my head, I whistled loudly, attempting to distract the wolf long enough so the boy could escape. My plan didn’t include a step two. The wolf spun around quickly on its heels. The boy smiled and dashed toward me so fast that it took my mind a few moments to process the fact that he had moved at all.

He was behind me before I even had a chance to look at him. His strong hands gripped me tightly, one around my waist and the other by my head, holding me hostage. Very slowly, he laid his head on my shoulder. He felt like a gentle breeze against my skin. He bent my head as if he intended to plant a soft whisper of a kiss on my exposed neck.

I moved to get out of the way, or attempted to. The boy was stronger than I expected, much stronger than the slight frame I had glimpsed earlier in his dangerous dance with the wolf. Sounding as though miles away, a wolf howled.

The End

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