I Meet the Perfect Guy, So My Brain Turns to Mush

I walked closer to the golden god. If nothing else, he could at least tell me where to find the office.


With just that one word, I stopped dead in my tracks. Someone knew about my powers because this message felt like it was directed at me. Someone did not want me talking to the boy by the tree. I decided to ignore it. How many times was I going to get to talk to a guy this gorgeous?

I continued to walk toward my handsome prince.

Chris, don’t.

I ignored the pestering voice and kept walking, completely forgetting the fact that nobody here should know my name yet.

It’s him.

I froze, a deer caught in headlights. Whoever it was knew about the dreams. It couldn’t be him. Their eyes were different and the boy in my dreams was so pale he was almost translucent. Though they did look alike, this boy seemed to have a kindness that was completely absent in my dream boy. I still hadn’t talked to the beautiful boy that was staring at me from across the courtyard. I decided to talk to him and then, if anything seemed wrong, I would excuse myself and leave. He looked up at me again and definitely smiled at me. I was only about two feet away. Almost there.

“Hey,” he greeted when I was within range. His voice was deep and had a velvety smoothness reminiscent of Frank Sinatra. It gave me goose bumps. He had a nice smile and even greater eyes. I just couldn’t keep myself from staring into the beautiful gaze of green that hinted at royal golden undertones. “You new?”

My handsome prince had just asked me a question, but my mind was too full of mush to answer. Hurry up brain, I thought.

“Y-yeah,” I stammered. “Just moved here on Saturday. My name’s Chris.”

“I’m James,” he answered. The name seemed to fit him. I smiled.

“Hey James, do you have any idea where the office is? I need to get my schedule.”

James turned his head for a moment and stared off into the distance. He smirked and then turned back to face me. “Yeah. Follow me,” he said, leading the way to one of the smaller tan buildings.

I followed after him in silence. More eyes turned to stare at me as we walked.

Look who’s with the new girl.I figured James to be one of the popular crowd from the thoughts I heard around us. It made sense. He was gorgeous. And his unique voice made my insides melt and freeze in a continuous cycle. He seemed to just radiate cool.

Oh my God! Is that James?



We made it to the office building and James opened the door for me, gesturing for me to make my inside. The interior of the building was sky blue and milky coffee. It reminded me of a doctor’s office. And I felt like was at a doctor’s office, ready to be diagnosed by the students and prescribed a clique to help me adjust. I stepped in front of the counter. A small bird-like woman sat behind it, slowly typing information into an ancient computer. She had a gray-streaked, black bun and small, wiry glasses attached to the pearls around her neck.

“Excuse me?” I asked, barely audible above the noisy typing of the keys.

The bird woman looked up. “Oh, you must be our new student. Cathy? No. Christy?”

“It’s Chris,” I corrected.

“Ah, that’s right. Chris. Ray’s little girl.”

I smiled politely. “Yeah, that would be me.”

“Well your father came by just the other day to enroll you so all of that is already taken care of. I can see you’re well on your way to making friends here Chris. James, would you mind showing Chris here to her first class? I can write the two of you a pass. The bell is going to ring any second now.”

“Sure Mrs. Shan. It would be my pleasure,” James answered, smiling at me.

Mrs. Shan handed me my schedule and the passes she had written for James and I. I handed James his and we headed for the door, again James opened the door for me. He was really sweet and I liked it. He asked for my schedule and compared it with his own.

I got lucky. We had the same first period class, English. I had to go to the library to check out my school books. James showed me the way. If there was such a thing as love at first sight, I had found it in James. He was just such a nice guy, a perfect gentleman. I had only known him for half an hour and I already felt some kind of connection. He helped me check out my books from the librarian, Ms. Keegan. He was kind enough to help me with the heavy load. I placed the books James said I wouldn’t need in my locker and we headed for Mr. Adams’ English class. The English building was across the courtyard from us.

If only Fluffy could see this.

I paused. Someone was watching us. This was not good. I didn’t want anything to happen to James because of me. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if someone got hurt because of this power I was cursed with. If only I could control it.

“What is it?” James asked, his expression not betraying any emotion.

I snapped back out of my zone. “What’s what?” I answered, feigning ignorance.

“You just stopped walking for no reason with this blank look on your face. Everything okay?”

“Oh, that was just probably my contacts. They move around on me, very blurry,” I replied quickly, blinking furiously to fix them, wondering where on earth I had come up with that stupid excuse.

“Okay. Can you see fine now?” He asked, concerned.

“Yeah. Thanks.”

We continued on our way to class. I kept sneaking quick glances at James as we walked. I couldn’t make the stupid grin plastered to my face go away.

We made it to class and managed to turn the stupid grin into a polite smile. Mr. Adams thanked James for showing me to class and then sat me next to a girl who introduced herself as Raven Brewer.

Raven had surfer chick, dirty blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes to match. She was tan and had a welcoming grin. She wore a guy’s class ring on a silver chain around her neck. The only difference between her and an Abercrombie and Fitch model was the way she dressed. She was wearing a black, bubble mini-dress with knee-high, rainbow-striped socks and classic black and white Chucks.

I thought her outfit was totally cool and unique, especially in such a small town. I figured Raven and I could easily become friends.

“So. You know James?” She asked, eagerly leaning in toward me to hear my reply.

“No, not really. I just met him this morning. I couldn’t find the office,” I answered.

“That’s cool. He doesn’t really talk much, to anyone. You must be special,” she said, smiling.

“Maybe,” I replied. She had no idea. “Do you know a guy named Scott? I met him yesterday. He said he went here.”

She smiled again. “Let me guess. Dreamy eyes, tall, athletic, sweet smile?”

I laughed. “Yeah. So you know him?”

“Do I know him? He’s only one of the hottest guys in Eau Clare. And he’s the nicest. Yeah, I know who you mean. I can’t believe you know the two hottest guys in town and it’s only your first day. Lucky!”

Mr. Adams turned around to face us. “Ms. Brewer, could you please not turn my newest student over to the dark side? I would like some of the class to actually learn something.”

“Sure thing Mr. Ads,” Raven replied.

I looked up as the witty banter played out to see James looking in my direction. I smiled at him and turned my head to focus on Mr. Adams’ lecture. The class was covering Shakespeare’s Othello. Right now we were discussing the time period during which the influential play was written.

Raven leaned over and asked to compare our schedules. “Well, I don’t have next period with you, but I can show you where it is. We have the same lunch. You’re invited to sit with me and my friends if you want. They’d love to meet you.”

“Thanks. I’ll take you up on that offer.”

The bell rang and James was out of the room the moment the door opened. Raven and I gathered our things and headed for my history class.

Raven and I walked across the courtyard to get to the H building where my class was located. She walked me all the way to the door.

“See you later. Have fun.” She gave me the thumbs up and wink as she headed off for her own class.

“Chris, there’s a seat over here.”

I turned to find the owner of the voice. Scott’s warm smile greeted my eyes.

I walked over and took the empty seat beside him.

Never again.

Never before had I heard the voices so frequently, so clearly. I soon became aware of the fact that Scott was trying to talk to me.

“Chris. You there? The bell’s about to ring.”

I snapped back into reality after a second. “I’m here. I just got lost in my thoughts for a moment.”

“Okay,” he replied with a smile. Scott’s hair was still as messy as it had been yesterday though it wasn’t drenched in sweat. And now that it was dry, I noticed his hair had all sorts of colors in it. I noticed a few dirty blond and auburn strands mixed in the chocolate brown mass. He had on a fitted Affliction shirt that showed off the sculpted body that rested underneath. His jeans were relaxed but insinuated that he had a totally squeezable butt hidden inside them. He had on some DC shoes to complete the look. And needless to say, his look was hot.

Our history teacher strolled into class the bell rang. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that read “Give me liberty…” on the front and “Or a lawyer” on the back. His chocolate brown hair had a few grays in it but they didn’t seem out of place on the man, who was no more than forty. He had laugh lines that made you relax instantly at the sight. I felt completely at ease in his classroom.

“Okay everybody, I know you have all heard that we have a new student in our midst. Her name is Chris. She is sitting next to Mr. Hill. Go on, have a quick look. I will not feed her to you gossip hungry wolves because I have to teach you. We were in the middle of WW1, correct?”

Everyone in the class murmured a quick yes. I just stared blankly. If this was the way the teachers of Eau Clare High School taught, I felt like I could actually learn something in my last two years in high school.

After my initial surprise, I got myself up to speed with the class and Mr. Singley’s outrageous teaching style. Plus Scott kept staring at me, making my whole body turn into strawberry jelly.

Class ended sooner than I wanted it to. I had algebra next, one of my favorite classes. Scott offered to show me the way there.

We walked to the math building which was right next to the office. I wanted to run and jump into the rabbit hole, following the White Rabbit to Wonderland, and escape all the stares Scott and I were receiving.

We finally made it through the sea of students that had clung to us like paparazzi to Britney Spears. James was waiting by the door. Scott’s warm, gentle smile tightened ever so slightly.

“Scott. How are you? I can see you’ve met Chris,” he welcomed, an almost smug grin painted on his radiant skin.

“I’m fine. Chris and I met this weekend. And as the fates would have it, we have history together. I didn’t know you knew her. She never mentioned meeting you.”

“That’s funny. I showed her around this morning. You know, locker, library, first period. Just trying to be a good friend.”

“Yeah. That was too kind of you James.”

“That’s just how I am. You should know that by now. You’re going to be late to class Scott. Better run faster this time,” James said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

I could have sworn I saw Scott’s eyes darken at those words, but I just shrugged it off.

“See you later Chris. James,” Scott yelled back to us as he sprinted down the hall, darting in between the few stragglers left roaming

The End

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