And Then the Morning Comes

The radio alarm clock went off at seven fifteen exactly. It was in the middle of playing “Scream, Aim, Fire” by Bullet for my Valentine. I had my alarm set to WTF FM. It was run by a bunch of students from a local college; they just played whatever they were in the mood for, which just seemed to be a random collection of various genres of music. I woke up and turned off the alarm, just letting the radio play. They had switched to playing “Obstacle 1” by Interpol. I grabbed my glasses from the side table to the right of my bed and put them on.

Dad still wasn’t up yet. It was just me in the house in a way. I grabbed two towels from the linen closet in the hallway and headed to my bathroom to take a shower.

After showering, I placed my hair on top of my head in a towel. With another towel wrapped around my body, I headed for my closet. I had already unpacked, so my clothes were all there. I grabbed a comfortable pair of Flying Monkey jeans and a plain black tee. I figured I could try and appear normal for a day, at least as much as I could with a car named Frenchy.

I changed and headed back to the bathroom to fix my hair and make-up. The radio had switched to playing “Tyler” by The Toadies. I hadn’t heard that song in what seemed like forever. I sang along with the strange, stalker-like lyrics as I curled my hair into loose spirals. I put on foundation, my contacts, and eyeliner. I decided to go with brown and silver eyeshadow to make my hazel eyes pop. I lightly glossed my rose stained lips. My teeth were brushed and my breath smelled like the watermelon kiwi gum I was chewing.

I made sure I had my customary five rubber bands on my right wrist and grabbed my three favorite necklaces, which I always wore. I had a silver ankh, an Egyptian symbol for eternal life, on a matching chain. My aunt had given it to me on my sixteenth birthday. She thought I would like it as much as she had when she was my age. It was the longest of the three necklaces. The second was a silver locket which held a picture of my mom and me from about two years ago at a Paramore show. It was my favorite picture of us. We just looked so happy and the stressed and worn out look that usually plagued my mother’s face was absent. The last was a silver Chinese symbol for destiny on a black, choker-like cord. It made me chuckle darkly to myself because if destiny existed, I hated her deeply for the way she was directing each scene of my miserable existence.

I had my backpack in the corner of my room. It had my CD player, Zebrahead CD, a few notebooks, a binder filled with blank paper, and some random pens and pencils.

It was seven fifty. I still had time to eat breakfast. I grabbed my keys, wallet, cell, and backpack and headed down into the kitchen. Since I had gone shopping the day before, I actually had something to eat. The greatness known as Cinnamon Toast Crunch filled my bowl as well as the calcium-rich drink commonly referred to as milk. I ate my cereal in the tranquil stillness of the morning and put away my bowl in the sink when I was finished.

I slipped on the Chucks that were patiently waiting for me by the door. I grabbed my stuff, my black zip-up hoodie with red lightning bolts all over it, and headed for the door.

Frenchy was waiting in the garage so I opened it up, drove her out, and closed the ancient door. My backpack occupied the passenger seat beside me and instead of playing my CD player like I normally would, I switched to listening to WTF FM again. They were playing “Stay” by Small Sins. It was mellow, perfect music to calm down my jittery nerves as I drove.

I arrived at Eau Clare High School at eight fifteen. Eau Clare High School was really just a bunch of one story tan buildings scattered across a neat park with a nice, spacious courtyard in the center. And I was left with the tremendous task of locating the main office. My thoughts slowly found themselves drifting to Scott as I wondered where to begin my search. I hoped I would see him today. A few people turned to stare at me as I walked across the parking lot. In a town this small, a new kid must be big news. I walked toward the courtyard, hoping to find a friendly face that could direct me to the office.

And I did find someone. He was tall, probably about 5’11”. His bright green eyes shone radiant against his golden skin. Blondish bronze hair that seemed to be caught in the awkward limbo of growing out was curling at the ends and framed his face like an off balance halo. It had a very sexy appeal to it. He wore a black, pinstriped dress shirt with pressed jeans and clean, black and white Pumas. He was leaning against a tree in the courtyard and smirking at me or smiling, I couldn’t really tell which. Nor did I care. All that I knew was, I wanted to meet this guy whom I had all of my attention focused on.

The End

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