Back to Normal, or as Normal as I get

It took me a moment before I realized my breath was coming out I in short gasps. I forced myself to take a deep breath. Whoever had been near me was gone, for I sensed no one.

I continued my walk home, pausing every half hour or so to take a sip from my water bottle or munch on my trail mix.

Still, even with my quickened pace, it took me nearly two hours again to get home.

It was about three-forty when I finally arrived home. It had gotten a bit warmer through the day so I didn’t need my winter coat anymore. I picked up the key from underneath the welcome mat and let myself in. Dad had already left so I had the entire house to myself, not that it truly was much of a difference. He was probably at the shop, having enrolled me into school earlier that day. I figured I would stop by later to say hi to the guys. But first I would have to stop by the store for some food.

I ran upstairs to grab my keys and wallet which were lying on my desk. I went into the bathroom to touch up my ponytail and put a little make up on. Looking at myself I in the mirror, I realized how much of a mess I must have looked when I bumped into Scott. I decided to change from my muddy hiking boots into a pair of black and white Etnies so I wouldn’t look like I had just spent four hours hiking in the woods. I took my hair out of its ponytail and let it fall around my shoulders. I brushed it into a slight wave. In case I bumped into anymore students, I wanted to make a good first impression.

Keys in hand, wallet in pocket, I was ready to go. I walked out the front door, locked it, and then slipped the thin key back under the welcome mat. I still didn’t know why Dad insisted on keeping it there. It was the most obvious place to look. Frenchy was in the garage so I punched in the code on the control panel. I backed her out gently and closed the old carriage house.

I figured my best plan of action was to drive around until I found a grocery store, head home to fix lunch or an early dinner, stop by the shop, and then head to bed to rest up for my fist day at Eau Clare High School.

Finding town was probably a good place to start in my quest for a grocery store. I pulled out of the gravel driveway and took a left down the small lane that lead to the main road. Because the town was relatively small, I drove past the town hall, library, and found out where the high school was on my way to a grocery store. I found out the town had two, a mom and pop type store named Key’s and a mainstream store called Styemart. I opted for Key’s; stores like this were known for amazing deals.

I walked into the little shop after parking my car in the shopping center’s parking lot. It looked like it might possibly be a good place to get a part-time job. I walked up and down the tiny aisles, gathering the ingredients for spaghetti tonight and other staple foods Dad and I would need, cinnamon toast crunch rating high on the list. I also picked up a few household items that my father, as a single male, didn’t have that his teenage daughter might need. So I found myself buying a few cookware items he hadn’t previously possessed. I checked out, proud of my purchases, and headed home.

I parked Frenchy I in front of the house for the time being so I could quickly unload the groceries. After getting all of the bags into the house, I parked in the garage. I went back inside only to spend what felt like a lifetime making the secret, family recipe for spaghetti sauce. The ingredients didn’t seem to fit the product, but it still came out tasting amazing. I made enough for Dad and I, sticking his plate in the microwave for him to eat when he got home. I ate in silence, hearing only the sounds of the trees swaying in the wind, and washed my dishes quickly. Dad would be arriving home shortly, so I would just have to stop by the shop some other time.

I headed upstairs to my room and read. I had finished Interview with a Vampire on the flight, having had to read only a hundred pages before finishing it. I picked up The Dark Half and began the gripping thriller. It was ten-thirty before I even looked at a clock again. Dad had gotten home a little over two hours ago, but I had hardly heard him as I was engrossed in my novel. He probably thought I was asleep, and was trying his best not to wake me. Though I probably should be in bed, I thought.

I led myself to my bathroom where I took out my contacts, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. I then went into my bedroom and changed into my Cheshire Cat pajamas. I set my alarm to wake me up at seven fifteen.

I climbed under the pale pink sheets and denim quilt my great-grandmother had sewn me, and gently closed my eyes.

The End

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