And Then I Meet a Beautiful Mountain

I braced myself for the worst, whatever it would be. It happened to be big alright and definitely intimidating. It ran towards me and turned out to be a he. He was running, full throttle, eyes closed, and headphones blaring because he didn’t see he was about to run straight into me. And I was too terrified to move.

He was about two feet away when he opened his eyes and saw me. He quickly dodged me and came to a stop in front of me. Pulling his iPod from the strap around his chiseled bicep, he paused whatever song he had been playing. I still hadn’t moved or opened my mouth to speak.

She’s pretty too. Goldie will be disappointed he didn’t bump into her first.

It was happening again. The power had returned. I didn’t want to hear his thoughts. I wanted to be normal, didn’t want to know what people were thinking about me all the time.

I figured Jumbo, or the mountain as he was almost the same size as one, was talking about me but couldn’t figure out who Goldie was supposed to be.

I took the brief recovery period to take in what he looked like. He had on worn black Underarmor trainers and black and white basketball shorts. The shorts did little to hide the sculpted legs that lie beneath them. He was shirtless which showed off his washboard abs and muscled chest. But none of him compared to his eyes. The first thing I usually notice about a person is their eyes and his were completely mesmerizing. They were the grey-blue color of the sky right after a thunderstorm. They were intense, yet soft and reassuring. They seemed to know how to comfort you without giving up their beauty. He was sweating from running and his messy brown hair fell into his eyes with a certain twist of his head. It seemed to fit him.

He smiled and I found myself smiling too. It was silly because we had we had just met, but this smile seemed to be reserved, tailor-made perfect for me.

“Sorry I almost hit you. I was deep into my workout and figured no one would be out this deep. I apologize if I scared you,” he said, finally speaking. His voice was deep and sincere.

It was during this time I found my voice. “It’s okay. You just really scared me. I wasn’t really expecting anyone else out here either. I should have known someone else would like the forest as much as me.”

He looked at me for a minute, as if deep in thought. “I’m Scott.”

“I’m Chris,” I replied, smiling.

“Will I see you at school tomorrow?”

“You go to the high school?” If he said yes, I figured my luck might finally be changing. He didn’t look like a high school student. He looked more like a college level athlete.

“Yeah, I’m a junior,” he answered, giving me a funny look.

“Cool, me too. Maybe we’ll have a few a few classes together,’ I said, my smile still plastered to my face. I couldn’t believe my luck.

He smiled, as if laughing at some private joke. “Maybe. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Scott took off running in the direction he had been before he almost killed me. I turned my head so my eyes could follow him as he sped off into the distance. He seemed nice and I didn’t just mean his smoking body. But that thought of his that I had heard made no sense, at least not to me.

I seemed as though he had known who I was before we even spoke. And I had a feeling that whoever “Goldie” was, he knew who I was too.

I decided to head back. I wasn’t making as good of time as I had previously thought. It had been almost two hours since I had left the house. I was supposed to be four miles in. I opened my bag of trail mix and munched on some. It was just what I needed to perk up. I stuffed it back into my backpack after a few more nibbles and headed off for home.

Tomorrow. This voice was not one I recognized. But since I was new in town, I couldn’t expect to recognize any of the voices of the thoughts that circled around in my head. I quickly tuned my head around, looking desperately for the owner of the thought. They had to be close. My powers didn’t have far reach, not that I had tested them. I couldn’t control them, so I didn’t exactly know how powerful they were.

I saw no one. The only sounds I could hear were the gently flowing water of a small, nearby creek and the furious pounding of my own heart. It made me wish Scott was still here. He had looked strong enough to protect me from anyone we might meet out here.

I picked up my pace. I wanted to get home as fast as possible. Though I had one very pleasant encounter in its shelter, the forest was starting to creep me out. It seemed as though everything was moving closer, closing out all means of escape.

The End

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