Sixty OneMature

I picked her up off the floor and slung her over my shoulder. She was waving manically at our friends behind us. There weren't very many people walking down the corridors, but whoever was there just shook their head and smiled. Nas was rather infamous for getting too drunk.

As I put her down outside of her coven, she giggled quietly again.

"What's so funny?" I asked her.

"Nothing," she giggled.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She just... kissed me. I automatically put my hands on her hips and ran my nail down the inside of her thigh, making her shiver the way she used to. She pulled away and bit her lip, now at least kind of sober.

"Ace? Nas?" Zoe said from down the hall.

Nas practically jumped away from me. "Zoe! I'll see you tomorrow." Then she was gone, the door shutting behind her.

"Zoe, I can explain..." I trailed, knowing I couldn't.

"I don't want to hear it, Ace."

She turned on her heel and strode away, her arms crossed. The anger and upset was leaking from her. I ran after, feeling so guilty. I touched her arm.

"Zoe, I'm so sor--" She grabbed my t-shirt and pulled my lips down to kiss hers.

I was so shocked. There were no other words for it. I pulled away from her.

"Wait a minute, you were just angry at me," I reminded her.

"Would you rather I slapped you?" she asked.

"Well, no."

"Then shut up."

She kissed me again.

"No, wait. We're literally in the middle of the corridor. Come with me," I whispered.

I took her hand and grinned, leading her down corridors, around turns, until we reached a door. I opened it and pulled her inside.

"This is where we will be staying for the next few days. Darran's room, Riley's room - where it seems Sophie is staying at the moment - and my room. Our room," I said, pointing at each of the doors.

Zoe grinned up at me and dragged me into our room. After shutting the door, Zoe kissed me again.

"Am I forgiven then?" I whispered against her lips.

"Of course."

Stumbling to the bed, Zoe broke the kiss and turned around. I kissed her neck as I unzipped her dress. The dress fell from her front, but still clung to her waist. Zoe kicked her shoes off, shuffled the dress down her legs and dropped it on the floor. She turned back to face me, pulling my top over my head as she did it.

"You do know that Darran, Riley and my sister are asleep in the rooms next to us?" I asked quietly.

"Oh well."

The End

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