Fifty NineMature

"Right," Nas started, "I'm bored, so it's party time."

"It's always party time for you," I said. She just shrugged.

"Are you coming, or are you going to stay here and be miserable? Bear in mind that I'm going to drag you anyway."

"Then I guess I'm going."

"I know you are."


We were sat at one of the large tables that lined the walls of the huge room. There were a lot of people around, most of which I knew. Nas had already had several shots of something, and of course, begged me to do them with her. Riley gladly participated too. She was now wandering around, looking for guys. Riley was talking with Sophie at the bar, Ava and Violet were 'socialising' - that's what they said.

Darran was sat between Nerissa and Araminta, who had become slightly more sober. He seemed a lot happier, though I hadn't had a chance to talk to him alone. Zoe was sat on my lap, leaning back on me and holding my arms around her.

David was sneaking through the crowd, trying not to draw attention to himself, so, obviously, I called him over. He looked around, saw us, and scuttled over, his hands behind his back.

"What are you sneaking around for?" I asked.

"Well, Nas thought it would be funny to handcuff my hands behind my back," he murmured.

"It is quite funny actually."

"Fuck off," he shot at me. I rolled my eyes and he walked off.

"Does Nas still have those handcuffs?" I asked Gen.

"Which ones?" she responded.

"The ones she lifted from that police officer," I said.

"Well, David has them now but she did."

I rolled my eyes. I could see Gen shoot a glance at Nerissa and Araminta, who got up and dragged Darran away. Evangeline whispered something in Zev's ear. He looked down at her, confused but got up, taking Nisha with them.

"I'm going to go and save Darran," Zoe grinned.

"He'd appreciate that a lot," I laughed.

She stood up and hurried after Darran and the girls. I turned to Gen.

"What is it?" I asked quietly.

"You noticed that?" she asked.

"It was hard not to, Gen. What is it you want to talk about?"

She didn't say anything for a moment or two. "She misses you, Ace. She misses your touch, the way you used to look at her. She wants you to touch her like you used to. She craves it, she needs it. I can see it all inside her head. It breaks her heart to see you with someone else."

"I wouldn't be with anyone else if she hadn't ended it between us."

"You didn't notice, did you?" she asked, tipping her head to the side.

"Notice what?"

"Her panic attacks, fatigue, her odd cravings. The nausea, and that she found it uncomfortable to lie on her side, and her backache."

"She had an increased desire for sex, though I didn't realise that was something to notice, it being Nas and all."

"Shes didn't tell you at all, not about any of it. The reason she ended it with you was because she was having major mood swings."

"Why are you telling me all this?" I asked, slightly irritated.

"Ace, Nas was pregnant."

The End

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