Fifty SevenMature

"Whatever," he mumbled. Then, I think he was trying to say Gen's full name but it was literally unintelligible. Evangeline rolled her eyes and walked past him, scowling at Gen as she past. She sat down on the third couch.

"Are you and Gen still not talking?" I asked her.

"Evidently," she replied in her English accent.

"Remind me what she did again."

"You know what she did," she said bitterly.

"You know that wasn't her fault."

She sighed exasperatedly, holding her head in her hands. Her bright blonde hair falling forward. Sitting up, she looked at me with her pale blue eyes.

"I won't argue with you anymore about it, Ace. When she did it, she lost my trust. We both know I have trust issues so don't expect me to like her again anytime soon. Even if it has been ten years."

"Evangeline, come on, be real about this," I said pleadingly. "You've known her for over two hundred years."

"Sleeping with someone's boyfriend would destroy a friendship," Ava said, snuggling up to Violet.

"Thank you, Ava. Ace, you just don't understand," Evangeline said quietly.

"Well, I'm not a woman so no, I don't. Anyway, moving swiftly on, Araminta and Nerissa are going to be very pissed off when they hear what Riley called them, and is still calling them."

"'Minty' and 'Nissy', yeah, I think they'll be more than a little bit angry. It's so fun watching Riley drunk. Do you remember when we were in the middle of the Himalayas, and Riley got drunk in the middle of the night and wandered off?"

"And he managed to crawl into a clouded leopard's den and get too close to her cubs."

"You didn't stop laughing for hours."

"It didn't really help that he spent the whole night hugging Darran."

"Where is Darran?" she asked.

"He's by the lake."

"The lake? He never goes there."

"Well, he's never had the opportunity to have his gift taken away by the Mistress."

"Really? He'll be happier then."

"Yeah. Oh, Evangeline, this is Zoe."

"Hi," Zoe said quietly.

"So this is who all the fuss was about," Evangeline said, smiling. "Hi, Zoe."

Zevran suddenly appeared right next to us, making Zoe jump.

"Hello," he said calmly. He sat down next to Evangeline and put his arm around her waist.

"Hello," I replied.

"Did I miss anything especially interesting?"

"Well there's that over there," I said, pointing towards the others.

"Riley's drunk already?" he asked.

"Very," Evangeline said. "So much so that he called Araminta and Nerissa 'Minty and 'Nissy'. And of course, they're too drunk to give a shit at the moment."

"It's the Himalayas all over again," Zev mumbled.

"When did you go to the Himalayas?" Zoe asked.

"About nine, ten years ago," I told her. "We decided that we wanted to travel all around the world so we did. We went to Australia, and the Amazon - Oh, god, the Amazon; that was horrific."

The End

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