Forty EightMature

I let the silence consume me. I let it fill my head, clear it of the thoughts that were swirling mercilessly through my brain.

Nobody liked the caves. I was the only one that ever went down there, and even then, only when I was summoned.

"Ace!" somebody shouted from behind. I turned to see Zoe. "You leaving me behind?"

"Of course not. Come on." I held my hand out for her.

As we walked down, I didn't say anything. Zoe watched me carefully. She probably thought I was just worried about Darran. I was, but that wasn't it, though I couldn't really tell her the other thing, not yet anyway.

"Where are we going?" she asked, yet again.

"Down, to the caves. The deepest point of the moutain."

"This is a mountain?" she asked, surprised.

"Did I not mention that? But yeah, it is. Vampires have lived here since before humanity even existed."

We carried on in silence. The torches that lined the wall began to become more and more spread out. When we reached the last one, I lifted it out of the sconce and carried it as we walked even further.

Eventually, we entered a massive cave. I dipped the torch into the oil, that went right around the whole cave. I placed the torch into another holder by the entrance and continued without it. Finally, we came to a ledge. Zoe looked over the edge. I knew that it went down for miles, so I pulled her back slightly.

"Just wait," I whispered to her.

Within a minute, a dragon was swooping downwards. It pulled up abruptly in front of us. Zoe jumped and took a few steps back.

"Hello, Ace," said the rumbling voice.

"Ryoto," I said in greeting.

"It's a dragon," Zoe mumbled.

"Don't worry." I turned to Ryoto again. "You called?"

"Indeed we did. We wish to talk with you."


"What has become of the dwarves?" he asked.

"Is that was this is about? I've been away for a decade, how would I know? Why, anyway?"

"We haven't seen them for months," Ryoto told me.

"Really? I'll try and find out for you, but I don't know. Now, is that everything, because I have a lot to do," I lied.

"Lies don't fool dragons, Ace," was the last thing he said before taking off again.

"Come on," I said to Zoe, turning around.

As soon as we were out of the caves, all the thoughts from earlier flooded my head again. I sighed internally. Then I heard a laugh. And I stopped dead. I knew that laugh... But, no, it was impossible... It couldn't be real.

"Ace?" Zoe said worriedly. I didn't answer.

That laugh came again, and it was getting closer. Then, the owner of the laugh turned the corner and shocked me even more. It was Sophie, my dead sister.

The End

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