Forty FourMature

"Hey," Darran said to me. "Where's Zoe?"

"No idea. I was talking to Nas," I said simply. That was when Nas came out of her room.

"Hi, guys," she smiled, holding her duvet around herself.

The door leading out opened and Zevran came in, smirking.

"You'll never guess who wants to see you," he commented. I groaned and followed him out.

"Where's Zoe?" I asked him.

"With Ava and Violet," he replied.

"Oh, okay."

Turning down twisting corridors carved out of the stone, we eventually arrived at a large door. The door was decorated with incredible precision, depicting scenes from our history. I grimaced and opened the door.

"What?" I said, entering the large hall.

"Oh, wonderful to see you too, Ace. Glad to see you haven't changed much," said the woman stood with her back to me.

"What do you want, Alix?" I sighed.

"Well, I was going to ask you to participate in tonight's ceremony."

"I have to anyway, don't I?"

"Technically, but then again, you are always the one who breaks the rules. All of them."

"I do what I want and if She had a problem with it, She'd tell me," I said sharply.

"Ace, why do you always have to bring that card into play? You are the only one that can convene with Her. You've met Her, yet you still take it for granted. You find love in someone who isn't your Imprint, you-"

"How do you know about that?" I asked, my eyes narrowing, though I knew she couldn't see me.

She chuckled. "You may speak with Her, and meet with her, but I can still hear Her. But that's not how I know. Nas is my daughter, you know that. She tells me everything."

"I never thought about that," I muttered. "I'll be here later to participate in the ceremony."

"Good. Oh, and about Zoe-"

"She's not being Inducted. I won't let you do that to her."

"I think that's sorted then. She won't be Inducted."

"Thank you, Alix."

"You love them both dearly. Be careful where you tread and how you work the situation, Ace. You were my son once, and I still care for you, even after all this time."

"Thank you."

I turned around and walked out of the hall. Zevran hurried to my side.

"You and Nas are Imprinted?!" he hissed quietly. "Since when?!"

"You can imagine since when," I murmured.

"How long have you known?"

"Uh, hello? The goddess whispers in my ear at any chance She gets; I've known since the Imprint started."

"What about Nas? Does she know?"

"I don't know," I admitted.

We walked on in silence until we entered one of the larger 'living areas' - mainly used for binge drinking and kissing. There was a semi-circle of couches around a fireplace. There were a few of the girls sat there. I saw Zoe sat there too.

As Zev and I approached, Ava noticed us. She broke into a massive grin and jumped up, hurling herself at me and squeezing me in a tight hug. I laughed and hugged her back. She stepped back, still grinning.

"It's so nice to have you back, Ace. We were afraid you'd abandoned us forever," she said, pouting for dramatic effect.

"How could I leave such psychotic, mental prophetesses?" I laughed.

Violet stood up more placidly and came over. She gave me a hug and smiled but it was nowhere near as charismatic as Ava, as usual.

The End

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