Forty OneMature

I was going around the house, closing all the curtains before the sun came up. I was at the final room. I opened the door and stopped in shock. This used to be my music room.

The grand piano stood in the middle of the room, the guitars along the wall. Sophie's violin was still lying on the piano lid. I walked towards it and brushed my fingers against it lightly. She had loved to play the small instrument. I sighed and moved towards the large stereo on a shelf. That hadn't been there when I'd left. We had a vinyl player and a massive boombox.

I sat at the piano and gently touched the keys. Dust jumped into the air, dancing in the light of the moon, reminding me I hadn't closed the curtains. I stood and pulled them shut. I flicked the light switch too.

I sat back down on the piano stool. I pressed one of the keys - middle C. I smiled to myself as I played a scale with one hand. I closed my eyes and let the sound fill my mind. Before I even realised, I was playing the first piece I'd ever learnt. It was so long ago I couldn't even remember what it was called.

I closed my eyes, just letting my fingers dance along the keys. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs but took no notice of them.

"Is that you playing?" someone asked from the door, shattering the peace. I opened my eyes and stopped playing. I smiled at Zoe. "I thought someone was playing a CD."

"I don't own any CDs," I said to her.

She smiled and walked over. I shuffled to the side and Zoe sat beside me on the stool.

"Did you sleep okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah. Your phone woke me up," she said, handing me the phone. There was a missed call from Nas.

I instantly returned the call. It rang several times before she picked up.

"You rang?" I said to her.

Nasya sniffed. "Yeah."

"Nas... What's wrong?" I asked, picking up the tone of her voice.

"It doesn't matter anymore," she said shakily.

"What's happened?"

"It's not important," she said.

"Afanasya, will you please tell me what the hell has happened?"

She took a shaky breath and didn't answer for a little while, though I could hear her sobbing quietly and someone comforting her. It sounded like Zevran.

"Nas...?" I asked gently.

"Ace, it's Zev," he said, taking the phone from Nas.

"What's wrong with Nas?" I asked him quietly.

"One second."

I heard him get up and Nas still sobbing quietly. I heard him walking away from her, into a different room. I heard a door close.

"What happened?" I asked again.

"Cameron happened," he said. Zev sighed. "He..."

"He didn't... He's tried to do it again, hasn't he?" I murmured, my hands starting to shake.

"He's not only tried, but succeeded. She's in pieces. She went back to her room last night and I didn't see her for hours. I just assumed she'd gone to sleep. She wasn't in her room this morning, and I got worried. I went to look for her. I asked around, no one had seen her since she left. I found her by the dragon caves. She was a mess... Her... Her clothes were ripped, her arms were bruised. She's been crying for hours."

"Oh, God... I'll be riight there, okay? Riley's gone out so... I'll be five minutes."

"Hurry," was the last thing he said before hanging up.

The End

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