Twenty FourMature

Zo dropped onto the couch beside me. She seemed to be deep in thought for a while. Neither of us said anything, just because there was nothing for us to say.

"Ace...? Can I ask you some questions?" she whispered, as if she were scared I'd say no.

"You just did, but yeah. Just because you can ask them, doesn't necessarily mean I'll answer them though," I said, making her smile.

"Okay. What's council? What's my gift? How did you meet that woman, I've forgotten her name already? Why was she wearing that? And, finally, can you kiss me please?"

"Well, in answer to your last question," I said, pulling her towards me.

I pressed my lips on hers and cupped her face in my hands. She pulled her legs onto the couch and held them either side of me. She pulled me down on top of her as she laid back. I planted my hands either side of her, supporting myself above her as we kissed.

Zoe wrapped her legs around my waist. One of my hands automatically moved to her thigh. She seemed to think I was going to pull her away from me so she unwrapped her legs but I stopped her. That definitely wasn't what I wanted. I grabbed her legs and put them back around my waist.

A tremor passed through her and she started to shake slightly beneath me. I smiled internally, knowing what had happened. She was breathing so quickly and so deeply that her chest brushed against mine.

I pulled away from her and she made a noise in her throat that sounded a bit like a whining dog. I laughed gently. I pulled her up so she was sat in my lap with her legs still around me. She rested her forehead against mine and tried to kiss me again. I smiled but stopped her, kissing her neck instead.

"What about your other questions?" I whispered against her neck, making her shake even more.

"I don't care anymore. I'd much rather do this than listen to answers," she murmured.

"Don't lie. You know you want the answers."

She sighed, her shaking easing. "Okay, answer my questions then. I can't even remember what they were."

"Good job I do, isn't it? Council is a vampire meeting every two years. There's never much official decision-making. It's basically just a massive orgy with lots of alcohol."

"Ooh, I like," she whispered, biting my lip.

I laughed at her behaviour. She was becoming a proper vampire.

"You won't know your gift until you become a full vampire, and that doesn't happen till you first drink blood but if you drink it too soon, you just vomit and never turn properly. Afanasya is a Russian vampire, about 300 years old now or something. She came to introduce us to vampirism. We became very good friends. She was wearing that dress because that's what all vampire women wear."

"I want one," she moaned, pouting for dramatic effect.

I kissed her. "Then we'll get you one in a little bit. Until then..."

I pushed her down onto the couch again and kissed her.

The End

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