"Sorry," I said to him.

"Don't worry about it," he said.

He looked around at the cars. I smiled.

"You want to drive one?" I asked him.

"You don't mind?"

"Nah, go for it. Pick whichever one you want. The F40's mine though. If there are any, the keys will be on the dashboard."

He looked at me as if I was insane - which, perhaps, I was - but walked off, twitching with excitement. I pushed off the car and opened the scissor-style door. I smiled at Zoe and gestured for her to get in. She grinned and got in. I shut the door behind her and walked around to the other side. I climbed in just as Darran had finally chosen a car.

I heard the rumble before I saw the car. It was a Lamborghini that I didn't recognise. Darran grinned at me as he drove past. He was completely loving it. I turned the key and pushed the start button. The sound made me laugh out loud, though it was more of a childish giggle if I'm brutally honest.

My phone rang in my pocket. I pulled it out and held it to my ear.

"We headed anywhere in particular?" It was Darran. I looked at him through the windscreen. He was grinning manically.

"Can you not even be bothered to roll the window down?" I laughed. "Anyway, we should probably go and get Riley."

"Or not," he suggested.

"Be nice or I'll tell you off in French like I used to."

"Please don't," he begged.

"Oh, alright then. How about we go get Riley and then we go to my old house?"

"Sure," he said, sounding surprised at my sudden change.

I hung up and put the phone on the dash and pulled out of the warehouse, smiling like a 7 year old. I stopped, got out and closed the warehouse door. I climbed back in again and pulled away, following Darran back to the bus stop where Riley was supposedly waiting.

"You should really put your seatbelt on," Zoe said beside me.

I smiled at her. "Did you ever do what your parents told you?"

"Well, no."

"Me neither."

A few minutes later we pulled up at the bus stop and Riley came out of the building, looking very confused. Darran rolled down his window.

"Come on, Riles. We're not getting back on the bus, we're going to fairy land," Darran said loudly, using the nickname he knew Riley hated.

"Do you really have to call me that?" Riley replied, walking towards the Lambo which I realised was a Murciélago.

"No, I just like it," said Darran teasingly.

Riley smiled and got in, pulling the door down. I led the way to my old house. It was usually a twenty minute drive but the highways were virtually empty. So, as any supercar driver would, we wanted to see how fast we could go. Zoe didn't think it was a very good idea, but she quickly got into it.

After a few minutes of completely slaughtering our tyres, more and more traffic started to appear. I slowed down immediately and so did Darran. After a few more minutes of crawling along at agonisingly slow speeds, we turned off the main highway and onto a smaller road that led to the long driveway of the house I hadn't seen for 17 years or so.

The End

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