I was sat back on the coach with Darran sat next to me and Riley and Zoe opposite me. My head hurt a bit from drinking but other than that, I was fine - that is, if you don't count the chronic depression.

I was fiddling with my debit card. Without realising it, I started using it to trace the scars on my arms, not the one from the night I became a vampire. Zoe was watching with curiosity, she looked at my arms and all the scars that covered them. I remembered the days I inflicted them upon myself. They were countless, they just ran into each other all over.

"Ace..." Zoe started. I looked at her, expecting her to finish, but she didn't. I just went back to looking out the window.

After a few hours, the coach pulled into an hour stop just past the border of Indiana, one of my favourite American states. I turned to Darran.

"I'll be back soon," I murmured, standing up.

He looked a bit confused, then he realised where we were. He nodded and let me go. I walked down the aisle of the bus and stepped off with a few others. I walked away from the bus, into the city, Terre Haute.

I walked through the city. It was overcast but I had my hoodie on anyway. I knew where I was going. I didn't even need to look up to get there. I walked past all the major things you'd expect in the outskirts of a city; shops, restaurants, et cetera. I walked until I came to the warehouse.

I smiled to myself, remembering the days I'd spent there as a child on holiday in America. I walked to the side of the door that was big enough to get delivery trucks in and out of. I flicked up the cover of the lock and took out my keys. I easily found the right one and slid it in. I paused before turning the key. I let the door open just enough so that I could walk under it.

I took the key out and put the ring of keys back into my pocket. I walked into the warehouse. I flicked the switch and all the lights came on, bright and white. I looked at the contents of the massive building and sighed. I looked out over the sea of cars. Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, you name it.

I walked up to the closest one and ran my hand along the carbon fibre. It was a red Ferarri F40. Only 1,315 of them were made. They were one of the best cars in the world; they were pretty, they were fast, and they handled brilliantly apparently. I never got to drive them. I got my driver's license after I'd run away.

"Ace?" asked someone from by the door. It was Zoe.

"What?" I asked her, completely oblivious to my rudeness.

"What are all these?" she asked.

"Cars, what do they look like?"

"I mean, whose are they?"

"Mine. Though, they're still technically my dad's."

"But-- Wait, what? 'Still technically your dad's'? You said all your family was dead. You said... that you'd killed them."

"Well, I lied."

"Why?" she asked.

"I guess I wanted it to be true. Why are you here anyway?"

"Darran told me to follow you. He said he knew where you were going and I needed to see it. He said it would make me ask the right questions. What did he mean?"

I scoffed. "He wants you to know about my past, then."

The End

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