Zoe looked at me as if the truth was slowly dawning on her. She opened her mouth to say something but she was interrupted by the door opening. Darran came in and kicked Riley - who was still asleep on the floor by the way. He turned to me.

"Right, you, get off your arse and get out down to a club now. I want you laughing and smiling again, even if it takes getting you drunk," he said.

I stayed where I was. He scowled at me and pulled me off the chair. I hissed at him and got up. Riley groaned and pushed himself off the carpet, looking around with a bemused expression on his face. Darran pulled him up and shoved us out of the room. Zoe followed quietly.

I gave Darran a glare but he just smiled and pushed me again. I didn’t say anything; I was used to all this. Zoe followed us out of the hotel and down the road again. I looked at the concrete floor as Darran herded us into a club of some sort.

He guided us to the bar and ordered a round of shots, even buying for underage Zoe. He pushed the shot glass into my hand and made me down it. He ordered a few more rounds and I automatically downed the liquid.

He said something really stupid and I burst out laughing, obviously drunk. Riley instantly took off to look for a girl. Zoe put her arms around my neck from behind and whispered in my ear. I didn't hear what she said, not one word of it. Darran started giggling to himself about something and wandered off.

Zoe took her arms from around my neck and she sat in the bar stool beside me. She took my hand and pulled me up, leading me to the dance floor. The last little sober part of my mind was screaming at me, so the rest of my head hog-tied the small sober part and threw it off a cliff. I was completely intoxicated.

The loud music pulsated through everything - including me. Zoe put my hands on her waist, and I left them there. I liked the way we were stood; it was nice, despite the loud music. After that, I couldn't remember anything.


I shuffled about a bit and moaned. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up groggily. I looked around a bit, my head throbbing. The sun filtered through the curtains of the hotel room. I didn’t remember getting back, but obviously we had. I looked around again, slightly more alert this time. Darran and Riley were nowhere to be seen but Zoe was lying on the bed next to me.

Her hair was a mess in some places and perfectly straight in others. I held back a laugh at it. I dropped back onto the pillows. I had no recollection of the previous night, not after being dragged onto the dance floor. Zoe sighed gently and rolled onto her back.

“Good morning,” she whispered.

“More like afternoon,” I mumbled. “What happened last night?”

She frowned. “You don’t remember?”

“I don’t remember anything after you hauling me onto the dance floor.” She blushed at that.

“We danced for a bit, then had a few more drinks and came back here. And um...”

“And what?”

She went an even deeper pink. “I guess you haven’t realised yet...”

I opened my mouth to ask her another question but I realised what she was talking about: I had no top on and, judging by her bare arms, neither did she.

“Did we...?”

She blushed even more. “No.”

Good, I thought, while nodding slightly.

The End

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