I led her down the empty roads, following the scent of a drunken man. I turned down another street and he came into sight. I walked faster towards him. I grabbed the man's hood and pulled him back abruptly. I slammed him against the wall and just bit him. I didn't even bother cutting him. I wanted her to see what it was we had to do on a regular basis.

The guy was dead within less than a minute. I dragged him into a filthy alley and dumped him on the rubbish. I stepped into the light of the street lamps, looking at Zoe.

"You don't want to live like this, Zoe. I don't. You don't understand what it's like," I told her.

"I do, though," she moaned.

"Zoe, look at me. Do you want to be like this?" I shouted. "Do you want to go home and kill your own family?!"

She watched me, and she seemed to understand. She moved towards me slowly. I didn't move away as she reached out to wipe the blood from around my mouth. I held her wrist gently. Her green eyes were full of sadness. I put her hand against my chest.

"What do you feel?" I asked her quietly.

"Nothing," she whispered.

"Exactly. I'm heartless. Dead. Cold."

"I don't care."

"Why do you like me, Zo?"

"I don't know," she said, trying to hide her smile.

"Do you like me for what I am, or who?"

"I like you for who you are, though I don't know you very well, but I want to."

I sighed.


I woke groggily. I groaned and opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was Riley. For some reason, I had my arms around his waist.

What the fuck...? was my first thought.

I pushed him away and sat up, looking around. My head was pounding. Ace's bag was on the chest of drawers but he was nowhere to be seen. It was still dark outside and I wondered how long Riley and I had, well, passed out for.

Panic and worry was quietly eating at the back of my mind. I tried to concentrate on those feelings. Where was Ace? That was why the feelings were there. His scent still lingered vaguely in the room. I followed the trail downstairs, stopping at the reception desk.

"Hey, have you seen a guy around here? Blond hair, blue eyes? Got a tattoo on his arm," I said to the woman there.

"Oh, yeah, he left about ten minutes ago with a girl," she replied.

"Did she have auburn hair...?"


I panicked momentarily, before regaining my composure.

"Thanks very much," I said, smiling.

"No problem."

I caught Ace's and Zoe's trail, leading out of the building. I followed it, walking quickly. They walked for quite a while. Eventually the scent started to get stronger. As I went down the street, I thought about what I should expect.

If I'm honest, I expected to see him drinking her blood, or her dead on the ground as he went on some sort of rampage. What I did not expect was to see them kissing - which was the exact scene I was faced with.

The End

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