I was sat in a room in the hotel that could be used by anyone staying. There were a couple of pool tables, a few gambling machines and a few tables with chairs. There was also a vending machine and a machine that made coffee.

I'd booked into the hotel an hour previously, leading the high Darran and Riley up to the room. They'd collapsed, still giggling, onto the bed. They fell asleep within minutes. After about five minutes, they started hugging. So, as any guy would do, I took a picture of it on my phone.

But I was sat in one of the chairs in the 'leisure room', as it said on the door. I was rubbing my forehead, hoping my migraine would go away. The migraine was probably partly caused by my friends' laughing but mainly because of the drugs.

The door opened behind me, making the major headache worse. I was about to look around when whoever it was sat down in front of me. It took me a minute or two to recognise them.

"Your eyes are bloodshot," she said. So, we've determined it's a woman.

I just grunted, trying to open my eyes properly; I must have looked a right state with my droopy, bloodshot eyes. It was Zoe, looking concerned.

"Do you do drugs?" she asked quietly.

I laughed a bit before groaning at the noise. "Not me, no," I whispered, though it still grated against my eardrums.

"Where are your friends?"

"Asleep. I guess you didn't hear their manic giggling then." She shook her head.

We were silent for a few minutes, which I was grateful for.

"Are you a vampire?" she blurted.

I laughed, trying to hide my nerves. "What?" 

"Are. You. A. Vampire? Answer the question."

"Vampires don't exist, Zoe," I laughed.

"Then explain what I saw in the alley," she whispered.

"What are you going on about?"

"Will you just answer the question?!"

"You sound like the one on drugs now, Zoe."

She was seething but she took a deep breath and managed to calm herself down, a bit at least.

"I know what I saw in that alley, Ace. The look on your face, Darran's remark about a waitor. I saw them burst into fits of laughter, and I saw you growl at them. And... I saw you turn into a bat. Plus, you have a bit of blood on your hoodie."

So, there was no denying any of it then. She'd seen and she'd worked it out, not that it needed much working. I didn't say anything though.

"And there was all the comments while we were on the coach, especially the ones about 'old men'. And when Darran said 'human morals', that was a bit obvious. And the bit where he said 'whoever cracks first' and you said that Riley likes to play with his food. And the way you guys talked about time, as if fifteen years is nothing."

I sighed. "I guess there's no denying it then."

"So it's true?"


"All of it?"

"Well we don't take drugs."

"Other than that, it's all true?"


The End

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