Riley was trying to catch my gaze, I just ignored him. I knew he was just worried about me but I wanted to be left alone. The bus went on for another hour, stopping a few times. Eventually it came to an overnight stop in Illinois at a hotel. I thought about the journey.

We’d got on in Seattle, and the bus went through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa until we arrived in Illinois.

Darran elbowed me in the side. I turned to him. He raised his eyebrows slightly, asking a silent question. I nodded. He turned to Riley across the aisle. His eyes flashed black for a second before he nodded.

Darran stood up, keeping an eye on me. The three of us joined the queue of people getting off the bus. When we got off at last, and we were out of sight, we walked closer to the houses.

As we wandered the streets, I felt like I always did when we went hunting: excited, depressed and angry. Excited because the monster inside me loved the idea of it all, depressed because I didn't want to do it and angry at what I was. Eventually, we came across an alley occupied by a gang. Just from the smell, I could tell they were doing drugs.

Darran walked towards them first, Riley and I not far behind.

"What the fuck do you want?" one of them shouted at us. The rest just giggled manically.

Yeah, I thought to myself, definitely doing drugs.

We just carried on walking towards them. Darran pushed two of them against the walls either side of us and the other three were quickly taken care of by Riley, who was faster than Darran and I. None of them were dead, not yet. I never took part in the taking down of the 'prey'. It was my job to find them and Riley and Darran's job to bring them down.

Riley was the first to latch onto a body, cutting the girl's wrist and drinking heavily. Darran was second. I paused for a second, completely loathing what I was about to do. I knelt down by a girl that looked about seventeen. I cut her wrist with the pen knife I kept in my back pocket.

When she was dead, I pushed her away. Riley pointed to one of the guys we'd knocked out. I shook my head. He pulled the human towards him and repeated what he'd done. Darran automatically moved towards the last one.

I watched them, hating myself, hating my very existence. Within minutes, the five humans were dead and Riley and Darran were laughing their heads off, high themselves.

"Hello, waitor, I'll have a black-haired drugged girl please," laughed Darran between fits.

I growled at them. They stopped for a second, before giggling like three year olds again. I changed into a bat, flying to the roof of the nearest building. Yeah, you got it; I'm a shape-shifter. It wasn't that vampires could turn into bats by default or anything, they were just one of my favourite animals, they always had been.

I changed back and watched my best friends giggle their way back to the bus. They tried to run at vampire speed, but kept falling over. I looked around, making sure there was nobody that could have seen what just happened. In the desolate road there was no one except for the extremely high vampires.

I jumped down and followed close behind them. They didn't even know I was there; they were too absorbed by their silent little joke. Surprisingly, they remembered the way back to the bus and the hotel.

The End

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