I looked around; trying to find what it was that triggered my eyes to change. Then I saw it – someone had cut themselves on something. I focused on it without meaning to. Darran kicked my leg again. I just glared at him. His expression took on a dangerous look, daring me to try and move.

I sat back; trying to ignore it, but having Zoe sat next to me wasn’t exactly helping. If anything, it was only making me more aware of the blood. My mind was playing a scene in front of my eyes.

It was me, but different, walking through the bus, killing everyone and just draining them. I saved Zoe till last. I attacked her and her blood flooded into my mouth. It was full of adrenaline and fear, making it even better.

Part of me was utterly repulsed by the prospect, but the majority of me pushed me to do, egging me on. Darran watched me cautiously, waiting for me to make a move. I could feel Riley’s eyes on me as well. They could handle it, I couldn’t.

The scene played through again, this time I could see my friends. They were dead at my feet and I only laughed.

I must have twitched, or done something, because Darran was standing up, asking Zoe to move out of the way. She got up obediently. Darran grabbed my hood and dragged me out of my seat. He hauled me to my feet and shoved me, making me walk down the aisle. I did as he wanted.

I was afraid of myself, of what I’d do, but I couldn’t stop myself growling at him. He pushed me again. He pushed me into the bathroom and walked in after me. It was reasonably spacious, probably designed for someone with a disability. I briefly wondered if that included me.

“Ace, you need to get a grip,” he hissed quietly.

“I know,” I said pathetically.

“Look, you can’t go this long without feeding. That’s why this happens.”

“I can’t help it, I just don’t want to be this. I’m literally a leech, and I don’t want to be.”

Darran sighed. “While you were asleep, I was talking to Zoe.”

“Why should I care?”

“Because she likes you.”


“And I think you like her back.”

I sighed and leant against the wall, slipping down to the floor.

“You do, don’t you?” he asked quietly.

“She just... It doesn’t matter whether I like her anyway,” I murmured.

“Why not?”

“Darran, I can hardly sit next to her without losing it. What do you think would happen if I hugged her, let alone kissed her?”

“I see your point, but there’s always the option to-”

No. No way, I won’t drag her out of her own life. Anyway, I’m eighteen years older than she is, that’s just a bit creepy. Even if I wasn’t a vampire, I’d still be four years older than her.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be; you’d still be thirty-three, you’d just look it.” I smiled.

“You feeling okay now?” he asked. I nodded. “Come on then.”

He helped me up off the floor and unlocked the door. I followed him back to our seats. Zoe frowned, though I didn’t ask her why. Darran made me sit next to him in case he needed to drag me away again. He also made me sit by the window, so I couldn’t get past him. What a way to make me feel like some sort of criminal.

The End

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