Rain to Snow

 Its been 3 years ...I graduated College and I'm an Architect now .......I'm still alone, the thought of the night before Joan left haunted me ever since .. 

  I went to the spot I last saw Joan .. I sat at the bench close by ... I breathed out slowly and looked up ....I remembered the days we spent together , I remember our first kiss...I remember our first date ....the happiness we experience .. "I guess its time to Let go and move on..." I whispered to my self ....as I looked down ..there she was .....just as beautiful as I remember ..as fragrant and fragile as a rose ....."John ?!, John!!!" she walk towards me  in a rush .....my heart started to beat fast , then it pounded ... a part my mind told me to walk away, meeting her would just bring back the pain ,the other part told me to stay there , I might have a chance again ...

The End

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