Love like rain

  Hi Im John ..Im 20 , I live in Tokyo,Japan   and this is my story 

      I had a girl friend named Joan  , she and I were child hood friends ... we were high school sweet hearts ...I loved her and she loved me back  , we were happy , but then came , she was about to leave japan but I couldn't let that happen ... it was 8 pm and it was snowing , I heard she was leaving for U.S tonight so I ran ....I ran and ran across streets across intersections , then time froze...I saw here at the Plaza heading toward a taxi , I couldn't resist it , I used the last bit of strength I had , I powered across the last intersection but then ........Wham!!!! , a truck hit my side , I flew sideways ....everything was in slow motion , I could see her getting into the taxi ..I reached my hand and said her name ..."Joan...." then everything went black ....

    I woke up in a hospital ...I was alive but I wont be for long ..... the moment I was released from the hospital , I heard news that I already knew , Joan Left .....

Hope you guys like the first part....theres more to come :) 

The End

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