Love, life and leftovers

Love, life, relationships and an ordinary bloke's musings on mundanity

I don't even like soup. Well not really. I wouldn't choose it on a menu. It's just a bit dull isn't it? But still, sometimes you don't get a choice.

Sarah looked up. "Did you put the onions in? You know it goes funny if you don't put the onion in first?"

"Yes darling," I say - slightly p atronisingly to counteract her little faith in me - and go back to stirring.

Why is it that you don't have any food in for ages, then suddenly you've got too much? There's just the two of us in the flat, shouldn't be too hard to keep on top of, but then, without you noticing, all the veg starts going a bit limp. Hence the soup.

Parsnip, carrot and pepper this one. It's got potato in it too like most soups to bulk it out a bit, but you never hear that on the description. Unless it's leek and potato. One of life's little wonders that one.

I sit down opposite her. She doesn't look up from the laptop. "You have a good day love?" I ask, not really interested in the answer but wanting some sort of interaction."

"Usual. You?" she asked. "Usual." I reply.

Keep a lid on it, let it simmer. Smells good anyway.

We'd been together for a while now, always longer than I think when I actually try and remember back. That's got to be a good thing. And we're comfortable. No need to speak for the sake of it I guess.

We virtually know what each other is thinking now anyway, been together that long. I could hold whole coversations in my head. I do. I talk them through then decide not to even start them out loud.

I leave her to the work she's brought home and leave the dinner simmering while I go through to the living room and mindlessly switch on the TV.

I know not to bother her when she's busy, but check in on her every now and again to make sure she knows that I'm thinking about her. We both know it's unnecessary and slightly irritating but it would be worse if I didn't.

We generally do our own things at home. We like it that way. We both need to do our own thing after work to get it out of the system. Even if that includes more work - apparently.


The End

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