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kelly enjoys long walks on the beach, warm winter nights by the fire and hanging at the mall with her friends. but then she meets greg, the young musical genious who took her heart with three little words "I'd like to"...

"Kelly wake up."

"Come on, you have to get up!" Kelly thought to herself as she dragged her sheets off the bed, bracing for the cold of the room. She pulled herself into a sitting position rubbing the sleep out if her eyes and yawning. Getting up,  Kelly put a blue fuzzy bathrobe on and tied a knot in the belt, slipping her feet into some brown slippers with rubber sole's.

She'd thought about wearing this getup to school out of pure exauhstion, but she knew it was game day for the football, and she was going to see her crush Matt today, so she had to look her best for him.

Stumbling into her onsuite bathroom, one of the benefits of her classy parents and being the only child, Kelly pulled out her makeup bag and mirror before heading back and putting them on her vanity. Returning to the bathroom, Kelly pulled out her toothbrush and manuverd around her teeth, making sure to get every spot.

Plopping down onto the vanity chair, Kelly tied her hair back and looked at her face in the magnifying mirror.

"Yikes" she thought to herself. "Looks like I'll be needing some extra help today"

Pulling out a face mask kit, Kelly walked once more into the bathroom and splashed some soap and water onto her face, drying off with a towell before opening the mask packet.

Once the prep was complete, Kelly waited the 15 minutes before taking the mask off and rinsing once more with water. Returning to the vanity, she finally began her morning routine.

Once the torture of deciding makeup for the day was finished, Kelly moved onto her hair.

Thick, curley, brown and knotted. Kelly knew she was in for a treat today, having decided upon a bun the day before, she had to use a bun again, as her hair would not allow any brushing or styling without tangling into a huge ball of messy clumps. She pulled back her hair into an upward ponytail and tucked it into a bun before pinning it, along with other loose runaways.

Last but not least. What to wear. Kelly had to make a good impression, especially today. She decided she was no longer going to watch from the sidelines and allow others girls to swoon over her future boyfriend. She was finally going to say hello... She hoped.

Opening her closet, Kelly observed the neatly arranged shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories she accumulated over the years. Thinking for a moment, she quickly and professionally pulled out a black spaghetti strap tank, a snug "cute but evil" monster T-shirt and a smooth pair of dark jeans. For shoes, blue jean high tops with rainbow laces, Kelly's fave's.

After getting dressed Kelly made her bed and put her clothes neatly back where they belong, bouncing happily as she skipped from place to place, cleaning her morning mess.

Soon she was bounding down the stairs humming to herself as she plodded into the kitchen.

Of course, there was no one in the kitchen at this time, so Kelly quietly made her lunch and breakfast and packed them into her backpack before slipping smoothly out the front door, just barely making it to the end of the driveway as the bus comes driving up the road.

"Good morning!" Kelly chimed as she nearly stumbled up the stairs and into her seat. "Opps, good thing I'm first on the bus" She smiled.

"Morning" The driver replied, stifling laughter at Kelly's clumsyness. 

The bus drove down each stop picking up kids as it went, and finally ended at the school, half an hour before the bell rang. Kelly pulled out her headphones and shoved them into her jean pocket before standing up with the other students as the bus came to a stop in front of the school.

Getting off, Kelly hung back to talk to her friend Amanda.

"Hey!" She smiled to Amanda who was just getting off the bus.

"Hey" Amanda, smiled back. "What's up?"

"Nothing much. But you know it's game day today!?" Kelly said holding back her excitement.

"Yeah you remind me every five seconds you know" Amanda laughed. "One of these days I'm going to dye your hair blonde." She laughed at her own joke.

"I know..." Kelly said with fake sadness, before giggling. "But you love me"

Amanda smirked. "I admit nothing" She laughed once more as they both walked into the school building towards Amanda's locker. 

Holding Amanda's bag, Kelly looked around her. Not many people were at the school yet, mainly because they're bus always got there first. Amanda pulled out her books and put her bag back inside her locker, slamming Kelly out of her daze with her locker door.

"There's no way he'd be here yet" Amanda said, reading Kelly's mind as usual.

"I know but there is always hope he got a ride today" Kelly said looking around the lockers as they walked.

"No." Amanda said bluntly, using her middle finger to smooth her long straid black/blond hair over her ear. "He wouldn't because there's no point. Practice isn't until late today, so why come early?" She asked as she looked to Kelly with her pretty blue eyes.

"Amanda is so pretty" Kelly thought to herself. "I mean, she has blond hair and blue eyes. She's short but not too short and she even has big boobs... Well its not like I don't, I'm just... well guys don't like girls with a big belly to match their boobs. Especially if their belly out sizes their boobs." She continued thinking to herself as she walked along the hallways to her locker upstairs.

Halfway there she realized Amanda was not with her and stopped, looking back just in time to see Matt walking towards her.

Paralyzed in shock and awe, Kelly held her breath as he drew ever closer, seeming to be looking right at her, with a smile on his face.

"There he is.." She thought. "Will he talk to me today?" She hoped to herself as he took the final steps towards her...

The End

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