Love letter to a married man (in code)

The season is here for love my dear

As I look to a sky heavy with showers

Perhaps the sun will peak early next week

Unfolding a beautiful aray of flowers

For the frost is already gone

From the fertile earth

she has begun

Read to recieve her healing

To germiniate a tiny seed

Not cautious but anxiously yeilding

As I watch mother robin nesting

And all the laboring she has done

All for the joy aniticipating

the birth of her young

Still is my anxious heart

For the fully bloomed fragrant flower

With  the hunger of a baby robin

and the life it will devour

I will not look to the unseasoned leaves

Stayed beyond the autumm breeze

Or the chill in the winter winds

As though  we were unfamiliar friends

But to the delicate Butterfly

labored from a tiny cacoon

Cradeling the birth of spring

inside her precious womb

The End

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