I turn around and walk toward Mason, who drops the dead stag on the ground and changes back into a human.
"You know it was your turn to go hunting?"
I shrug. "Then why'd you do it?"
Mason's eyes slide over my shoulder to the tree where Drake is sitting.
"Oh, okay."
"So why is Liza by herself by the water?"
I turn and look back at her translucent form. "I think she needs some time to think, she's been through a lot. Bad accident, becoming a ghost, she needs some time to adjust."
Mason nods and looks down at the stag. "I've only been human for a few minutes and I can't think of eating this raw."
I nod in agreement. "I don't want to make a fire, so…" I trail off as I turn into a black wolf. Mason laughs and follows my example and we dig in.
Just after Mason and I have taken the first bite, I hear a sound that sends chills down my spine.
I turn into a human and run to Liza. "Liza, it's coming!"
"What?" she asks, confused.
"Come on!" I yell as Mason and I start running. Drake hears the horrible sound of bones grinding and the stench of a rotting corpse on the wind and starts running with us. Liza vanishes, but the icy breeze on my neck tells me she's still here.
We jump across the stream and hide in a cave on the other side. Drake is at the back of the cave with the cool presence of Liza, while Mason and I watch from the front. Fire rains down and burns where we just were. The mark on my forearm starts burning and itching. I turn to Mason, and see by the look on his face that his mark is doing to same thing. Drake's eyes are wide as he digs his fingers into the back of his neck.
A strong wind picks up and blows out the fire while eerily singing. Two little children fell to the wolves, and two wolves did the children become. Demons they became, switching between forms, this is why they must die. So long, little wolf children!

The End

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