It feels so good to kiss Liza again, to feel her in my arms.
I jerk back and Liza disappears. Wren is standing in front of me by a small creek.
"Can I help you with something?" I ask angrily.
Wren grins and saunters forward. "Well, just wanted to let you know it's not nice to kiss like that in front of people. And besides, it's daylight. We all need to either get rest or keep moving. Now, my brother and I can be democratic, but if you don't vote our way, we'll make this a dictatorship. It's up to you."
Liza materializes and stands behind me. "You and your brother are werewolves."
"Technically speaking, we're humans who can take on a wolf's form at any time we choose because of dark magic. But for convenience's sake, yes. Mason and I are werewolves," Wren says.
"Well have fun with your brother, Liza and I are leaving."
Wren smiles grimly. "So you think, but you're stuck with us."
I glare at her. "What makes you so sure?"
I flinch as she pulls up part of my hair and looks at the base of my skull. "You've got the same mark that shows up on anyone who comes in contact with us. It means if you leave us, you're dead. If you stay with us, there's a slightly less chance you'll die."
Liza appears in front of me. "There's a red mark that looks like three claw marks over a circle."
"Well, I'm already dead, so this 'thing' you're warning me about can't hurt me," I say as I jerk away from Wren.
Mason laughs and slowly walks over to us. "Listen fang freak. Whatever follows Wren and me will completely wipe you out and Drake will be no more. So you can stick with us, which I'm not too thrilled about, or you and Liza can leave and you die while the thing passes her by."
"Why wouldn't it hurt me?" Liza asks as she stands next to Wren.
"Because you're a ghost," Wren says as she continues to glare at me and drapes her arm around Liza's shoulders protectively. That dog better get her arm off of Liza.
"Drake, I think we should stay with them."
I look at Liza. "Liza, are you sure? These two mutts could be lying."
She shakes her head. "While you were coming here, I saw a whole valley that had been completely turned inside out and covered in blood and bones. Nothing was left alive. Whatever did that to a whole valley could kill a vampire."
I look up toward the triumphant smile of Wren. "We'll stay with you. But only until this mark goes away."
Wren pulls up her sleeve and extends her left forearm. "The mark never leaves."

The End

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