I was right. As soon as we bury Liza's body, her spirit becomes stronger and fills out so she looks like what she must have when she was alive, tall and curvy with soft brown hair and grey-blue eyes.
She's hot. I'm not sure why she stayed with that leech Drake, because she could've done so much better. Any other guy wouldn't have killed her. Now it may just be the wolf talking, or maybe it's both halves of me, but that girl was being wasted with Drake.
"So now what are we going to do about the leech with the ghost girlfriend?" Wren asks quietly as she comes up behind me.
I look away from Liza and face my sister. "Maybe whatever wipes out everyone else we're with will hit the leech."
"But what about Liza?"
I look toward Liza standing with Drake. "She's already a ghost, whatever follows us can't get her."
Wren leans back against the tree and slides down to sit on the ground. "What do you think follows us?"
I slide down the tree and sit next to her. "Not sure."
Wren tilts her head and watches Drake run his fingers through Liza's hair. "Remember how we became what we are?"
I shake my head and choke back a growl as Drake kisses Liza's nose. "You remember it better than I do. All I remember is sickness and pain, and then wholeness and hunting."
"Of course that's all you remember." Wren smiles and rests her forearm on her knee. "I remember, though. We were really sick, and so mom took us to a witch to help us. The witch said the only way to cure us was for us to drink the blood of a wolf pup and to live with a mother wolf who'd lost her pups. And so that's what our mom did. She left us there for six weeks, and during a full moon, she came back to get us. But when she found us, she found that we had turned into wolves ourselves. She watched us play as humans, and then watched in horror as we turned to sleek wolves before her eyes."
"And that was when she left us," I finish as I look away from Liza.
Wren nods. "Exactly."
The sun has completely risen. Another day my sister and I have lived to see.
Wren shudders. "Ick."
"Drake and Liza."
I look up. Drake and Liza are kissing like the other is the air they breathe, even though neither of them need air.
Leaves rustle and crunch beside me as Wren stands.
I grin. "What are you going to do?"
Wren turns around and returns my grin. "I'm going to show them that kissing like that in public isn't very nice."
I laugh. "Have fun."
Wren's smile gets even bigger as she runs and leaps onto a tree branch and slowly creeps till she's above Liza and Drake.

The End

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